Stepping Down

Roleplay Roleplay by MAXFIELD STANTON
On Wed, Oct25, 2017 1:28am America/Phoenix
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Stepping Down
The scene opens at a WWX house show in Montgomery, Alabama. "Hard Hittin'" blasts through the PA system as Maxfield Stanton makes his way out to a full blown standing ovation. He tries to look up into the audience but has trouble keeping his emotions in check. He makes his way to the ring with mic in hand. He slides in the ring as fans continue to chant his name.

STANTON: Wow...That's uh...that's awesome. About 6 months ago after my initial first run as your GM, I get a call from Tanno Waters needing my assistance and I said I would help. Over time, I would regain solo control over the WWX as the only GM. During my time as GM, I have tried my absolute best to bring you the best shows and pay-per-view events possible. A few weeks ago, I got a call from my family back home saying that my mom was in a real bad accident and wasn't expecting to make I had to try and make make it home to see her. Though the surgeons were able to keep her alive, she can no longer live independently on her own. For this reason, I'm stepping down from position as General Manager.

Fans boo in their disapproval of Max's decision. Some fans are seen with tears in their eyes as Max tries to continue.

STANTON: I wanna take this time...and say thank you...for allowing me the chance to try and enterain you guys every week. Mamma, Im comin' home.

"Hard Hittin'" starts back up as fans begin chanting "Thank you Stanton!" in unison. As Max makes it back to th top of the entrance ramp, he takes one look back at the WWX Universe, giving them one final salute before disappearing to the back. In the backstage area, several WWX workers are seen applauding Max and showing him all forms of respect. As he gets to the exit, Xavier stands in his way.

XAVIER: You and I hardly see eye to eye least I respect what you have done and tried to do.

Xavier pats him on the shoulder and walks out of camera range and a woman appears next to him.

UNKNOWN WOMAN: You ready to go home big brother?

STANTON: Yeah Shelley. Let's go home.

scene fades

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