Still looking for you

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Tue, Nov07, 2017 6:43pm America/Phoenix
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Still looking for you
[The camera pans out showing the sign "Oconee Cemetery". The camera slowly moves in as a person can be seen walking through the graveyard. The camera stands back and watches as the person walks to each headstone, stomps on the ground, looks at the name, and then keeps moving. They slowly move forward towards the person as he can be heard talking].

???: Nope, not that one. 

[he stomps on the ground and moves to the next one, bending down and looking at the name].

???: Mike Hunt? *Laughs* Poor guy. 

[he stomps on the ground once more and keeps moving on as he stops and looks up at the camera].

Rayne: Hey guys how are you all?

[He doesn't miss a beat as he continues down the row, completing the same actions].

Rayne: I am sure you are wondering *stomps on ground* what I am doing. Well, you see *bends down and looks at the name* I am trying to find my opponent this week for wreckage. I was told that this might be a good place to start. No one could tell me where the house of horrors was or I would go there and look. So, since no one can seem to tell me where he is, and he doesn't want his face to be shown, and honestly who can blame him, I am trying to find him so that I can help him out before I beat his face in. 

[He goes down a few more as he has to wipe off a few headstones. Not finding what he is looking for, he stands up and puts his hands on his hips].

Rayne: This is a....a....travesty. Yes, that's what it is. The nerve of people not being able to tell me where my opponent is. Wait a minute...Wait just a minute...*runs his hand through his hair* I have been here before. 

[The camera continues to stay on him as he paces back and forth. He continues to speak].

Rayne: Ah yes, I remember now. This is the normal darkness MO. He always waits to show his face till the very last minute and makes it seem like he meant to do that. I can pretty well already lay out his promo because they are virtually all the same. he is going to be standing somewhere that the lights are able to flicker, dead of night, real intense, im talking squeeze your chest in immense pain, and then hes going to make some cheesy pun about my name like everyone else seems to. From there, hes going to talk about how hes going to blow past me, take back the championship, and blah blah blah. Well, this time around, I am going to stop you. I am going to lay it out here for you. I am going to run over you, move on from this week to put my other boot in the ass of some guy calling himself a train...and continue forward from there. This is my time to shine. This is my time to move forward. And you are the first one in my way. Knock off the formers to get to the champion and it all starts with you. I will see you soon Darkness, by soon I mean within a few hours before we start the show. Good luck, youre going to need it. 

[Rayne smiles and walks off as the scene fades to black].

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