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*Static crackles on-screen before switching over to a shot of the backstage area of the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.  The main event, which culminated in a controversial Syndicate win, has just ended, and Syndicate has made his way backstage.  Drenched in sweat, the champion stumbles through the hallway before falling to the ground, his back pressed against the wall.  Syndicate looks down at the World title grasped in his hands and grins, obviously pleased with how things turned out.*

Syndicate: I don't care what the |BLEEP| happened...I don't care why the hell Darkness got involved or what his motivations were...I don't care about the consequences...

*Between words, he gasps for air.*

Syndicate: ...because STILL your champion...

*He cackles and falls forward over the championship, shaking.  After a few moments, he raises his head back up as he takes some deep breaths to calm down.*

Syndicate: I can hear the criticism already, ladies and gentlemen.  I can hear the accusations of collusion and the observations of weakness.  I can already hear the voice of Rayne himself, calling me the "weakest champion in modern history," or something like that.  What a |BLEEP|ing joke, that man is.  Look, the point is that I don't give a single shit about what the critics have to say about how things went down because I AM STILL CHAMPION...just like I said I would be.

*He chuckles, holding the World title close.*

Syndicate: But good ol' James Ranger decided that I deserved some punishment for something I had nothing to do with.  Yeah, so now apparently I have to team up with my old pal, Darkness, and go up against the formidable team of Rayne and............Super Bacon.

*Syndicate looks at the camera with a mockery of a "stunned" look.*

Syndicate: Let's focus on the ACTUAL competitor in this match.  Rayne, I understand what you must be going through right now.  You're past the shock of not winning the World title like you expected, and now, you're in denial.  You're probably decrying Darkness's interference, saying it ruined a good match and let an undeserving man such as myself remain champion.  You'll then start bargaining with James Ranger, asking for a guaranteed opportunity besides the one you possibly could win at Ravage.  He'll say, "No, you have to earn it," and you'll sink into a deep depression.  Then, finally, when Ravage comes, you will reach the stage of acceptance when Darkness and I ram your head into the ringpost twenty times over.

Syndicate: You don't scare me, Rayne.  You never have, and you never will.  Wanna see real weakness?  Look at yourself; you've been here a long damn time and haven't done shit.  Now I'm supposed to believe that things are magically different?  Ha-ha...nope.  Not gonna believe that in a million years.  You're going up against quite possibly the most formidable team in the HISTORY of the WWX in Darkness and don't stand a damn chance.

*He catches his breath once more before continuing.*

Syndicate: Especially...when your partner is Super Bacon.  Let's pause for a moment and examine that fine specimen of a name: Super...Bacon.  HE'S the replacement for Fill?  Really?  Listen, buddy, I don't mean to rain on your parade, but this is not your place to be.  By entering yourself into this tournament alongside Rayne, you are ASKING for pain to be brought upon you by two of the best to ever do it.  Keep in mind, sir, that you DO have the right to not show up for the match.  Nobody's forcing you to be there; hell, if I were you, I'd stay as far away from the Toyota Center as possible this weekend.

*Syndicate, grabbing onto a nearby catering table, slowly stands.  He sets the championship belt on his bruised left shoulder as he smiles.*

Syndicate: Rayne...Bacon...this isn't a winning situation for you.  Rayne, don't you dare say that you can carry yourself AND Super Bacon to a win against myself and Darkness because, frankly, it just won't happen.  What WILL happen is that YOUR World Heavyweight Champion will walk in, clear house with his new best frenemy, and go home without breaking a damn sweat. the Syndicate.

*He smirks and turns around, walking away from the camera.  As he does, the feed is overtaken by static.*



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