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Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Dec08, 2017 1:08am America/Phoenix
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Story Corner
(Scene opens inside a library in Dallas, Texas where a crowd of adults and children are seated in the childrenís section of the library. Everyone is huddled in an area with a sign painted overhead that reads: STORYBOOK CORNER. Just underneath it is a marquee which reads: SPECIAL GUEST WWX SUPERSTAR, WILLIE STEEN. Sure enough, seated right next to the marquee is the advertised, Willie Steen holding a small blue book and looking out over a small gathering of young children eagerly looking up at him.)

Ok, boys and girls. Today we are reading the story of The Little Engine That Could.

(Steenís phone starts ringing in his pocket. He reaches in and pulls out the buzzing cell phone.)

Excuse me for a second, kiddos. Mr. Steenís gotta take this, real fast.

(Steen gets up and turns around)

Hello . . . Oh hey, yeah whatís . . . what? . . . Iím in Dallas, why . . .

(There is a brief pause and Steen listens with visible confusion)

Yeah, I know Ravage is in Houston. Whatís that got to do with . . .


Match? What match? I thought Ranger was doing that tag team tournament thing this week. Thatís why I booked this gig.

(Pause. Steenís expression changes to a look of surprise)

Iím in the tournament? When did this happen?

(Another brief pause) 

Huh? Against 420? What the hell?

(Some audible gasps can be heard from the children and their parents as they look at each other nervously.)

Wait, so if this is a tag team tournament, who the heck is my tag team partner?

(Steen listen intently on the other line. Suddenly, his face turns flush and a look of unsettled rage comes over his face)


(A loud gasp of shock and horror goes up from the small crowd of parents and children.)

You gotta be [bleep]ing kidding me. They put me in this tournament a week before my TV title match at Holiday Hell and of all the people they could have selected, they team me up with this chuckle[bleep]er? 

(Some of the smaller children are starting to cry, as some parents begin pulling their children out of the story circle and away from Steen, who is rolling his eyes and shaking his head)

Alright . . . alright, fine whatever. Yeah, Iím the next flight out. Houston, got it.

(Steen angrily hangs up the phone and shoves it into his pocket.)


(Steen turns around to see a shocked and visibly shaken crowd around him. He picks up his jacket of the chair)

Sorry, story time is over.

(Picks up the book off the ground and flips through it.)

The little engine went up the hill. Then he fell off the hill and died. The end.

(Steen tosses the book away and storms out of the library leaving a crowd of stunned and horrified parents and children behind him. Scene fades to black)

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