STRAT: Coliseum - James Chevalier2018-09-06 21:36:01

On Thu, Sep06, 2018 9:36pm America/Phoenix
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STRAT: Coliseum - James Chevalier2018-09-06 21:36:01
James Chevalier comes down to the ring with normal ring entrance. Maybe a few fireworks, since it is a PPV. That is up to the writer.

Gamer will focus mostly on Aaron Reiko, unless Jenna gives him a reason to focus on her (cheap shots, dangerous offense, ect.) 

With Jenna, he'll try to use offense on her that will neutralize her, such as tossing her out of the ring. 

Otherwise, James loves the dropkick. He's usually portrayed as an underdog, and this situation would be no different. If James wins, it'll be by the skin of his teeth. It will not be a dominant victory.

If there are any questions, let me know.

Gregg (Handler of James "The Gamer" Chevalier)

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