Strategic Planning

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Jan17, 2018 9:14am America/Phoenix
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Strategic Planning
When we last saw Xavier, he and his son Jeff were en route to meeting up with Beatrice to help Xavier train and get ready for his first title defense against both Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister. We see the Pendragon family leave the gym, sweating up a storm. Xavier takes a gulp from a Sobe beverage while Beatrice and Jeff takes a sip from their respective drinks.

JEFF: You know dad, as much as you drink those things, you should be a spokesperson for Sobe.

XAVIER: Very funny.

BEATRICE: That was fun. It's not everyday that we get to train like this as a family.

XAVIER: You're right. I already know that things aren't going to be a walk in the park with Lipton and McAllister. Both of them re gonna be looking to knock me off my throne.

JEFF: So dad, what's the latest on Rex and Tommy?

XAVIER: Well, both Lipton and McAllister are both former World Champions and both are going to be gunning to wrestle the Undisputed title from me. The only question is which one will want to wrestle it from me more. Though it will appear on the surfce that they both don't want me to be champion, I could also use this to my advantage.

BEATRICE: Unless Ranger decides to allow co-World Champions.

XAVIER: I seriously doubt that.

JEFF: What about the former champ Syndicate? Doesn't he get a rematch?

XAVIER: By right, he does, but I don't think Ranger is going to honor the rematch clause at the moment as he is currently in the Crusade Cup.

BEATRICE: What about this Crusade Cup thing going on?

XAVIER: The way that the Crusade Cup works is that the winner of the Crusade Cup becomes the #1 contender, challenging for the World Title. I really didn't make it that far last year.

BEATRICE: It's okay baby. You're the champion now.

XAVIER: Meaning I'm the one with the bullseye on his back, which I'll have to keep one eye open on this title in order to keep it.

JEFF: Any idea on who you would like to face should you get past Lipton and McAllister?

XAVIER: Not really, but I'm not going to worry about after facing Lipton and McAllister. Tommy and Rex are my first 2 challengers for this title and I'm going to be more focused on defending this title against them instead of looking ahead.

BEATRICE: It's just like you babe. Always thinking about your current challenge before moving on to your next one.

XAVIER: I'm hungry. Let's eat. We can talk more about how I should go about the second phase of my training over dinner.

JEFF: I agree.

scene fades

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