Striking up the war drums

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
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Striking up the war drums
[As the scene fades in on the setting sun over the horizon , we follow a single oak leaf as it sheds itself from shade tree and slowly floats downward. A sudden brief rush of wind blows a crisp whispering breeze through the hot humid summer air and pushes the leaf past a beautiful hand woven dreamcatcher that now consumes the picture.] 
[The light brown feathers and beaded strings attached to the dreamcatcher sway in the wind as a familiar unseen voice speaks out.]

"All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. 

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. 

Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." 

[Blayde Archer comes into view as he steps in front of the dream catcher with a mischievous smirk. ]

ďThose words have never spoke more truth because it is you Rayne that got caught up in your own web of deceit and betrayal. 

I made a vow, a promise to myself that I fully intend on making good on when Mayhem rolls through Louisville.  Rayne, itís you and me. Champion vs Champion headlining the main event to prove who the true International Champion will be. Spoiler alert, itís me.

[The camera trails behind Blayde Archer as he sits, Indian style, in a drum circle near a crackling fire log. He blows onto the now glowing ambers and warms his hands on the dancing flames as the drums softly beat rhythmically in the background..]

You can sit down in old, run down abandoned churches and preach off your soap box until you run out of hot air to blow for all I care. Your ramblings about nothingness mean nothing to me. What does matter is winning which also means that since you are my opponent, my sole intention is making you the loser.. Simple enough, right? Even you can comprehend this ďArch AngelĒ.  All of your sad, pathetic attempts at critiques of myself are comedic and laughable considering your own hypocrisy. You speak of originality yet where do we find you boring our listeners into a snoozefest?  A run down church.
Really, Rayne? Is that what you consider to be flowing with creativity? If this is the best you got then you might as well quit now because I will devour you verbally just as I will physically when we meet in that ring and since you like to get all preachy, here is an expression you should be familiar with, Rayne. ďHe who lives in a glass house shouldnít cast stones at others.Ē 

[A cocky smile spreads over his face.]

Do I have an ego? Damn right I do. Asking me a dumb question like, ďhow do I like my chances?Ē That is very laughable to me because the answer is already obvious to everyone. I wouldnít be here if I didnít just think but KNOW that I have what it takes to beat anyone on any given night. Including you Rayne. Itís called confidence and I have it for all the right reasons. Everyone including myself knows that Blayde Archer has all of the skills and ability to succeed on every level here. Difference between you and me though Rayne, is that I live here in the real world, in REALITY while you are off on vacation in la la land calling yourself the Arch Angel and wearing a crown in a run down church. If that is not delusional, tell me what is? 

[A peace pipe is handed to Blayde Archer who smiles to himself as he thinks back to Matt Glazebrook on Ravage then paces it to the circle.]

Are you seeing your hypocrisy yet, or maybe you are just too busy trying to build yourself up by micro analyzing every word that comes out of my mouth and hoping to find something that you can sink your teeth into but that tactic doesnít seem to be working out very well for you so far. 

Rayne you failed to understand the point, which shouldnít surprise me at this point. This SHOULD go without saying.. It isnít the fact Rayne can lose a match, that is not what I was making reference to and he should be smart enough to realize that. It is the fact that your approach to each and every match in the past is of the same mentality, that you try to carry yourself as the superior competitor and talk down onto your opponents as if they at there for you to beat. 

There are dozens of video evidence to back up my claim too.. You should know by now that won't work with me. I didnít work this hard and come this far just so you can slither your way past me. I am heading straight to the top WITH the International Championship Title strapped firmly around my waist. You are the obstacle for me to overcome and defeat which we both know will be a challenging task but I know that I can beat you Rayne and when we do finally meet in that ring again for the second time? You are going to know it too..

[Blayde Archer grabs a nearby crossbow and a shoulder bag of arrows. He pulls one out, lacing the arrow through the bow and takes aim at his target, a rattlesnake shaking its tail nearby. Archer pulls back on the string with an unflinching calmness as he steadies his aims and releases. The snake strikes with open teeth and the arrow impales its head, pinning the now dead snake against the oak tree. With the threat terminated, Blayde Archer returns to the circle.]

In the past you have attempted to belittle my name and my abilities. Which is why I specifically gave the Club directions to not interfere just to prove to you that I am far more of a challenge than you gave me credit of being. Without doubt, you underestimated me last time Rayne, even you can admit that and it seems that you have learnt not to make that same mistake twice. That is a respectable quality, one that you did not seem to have before we clashed like two savage warriors in that ring but I knew the game you were playing and I capitalized on it for my OWN gain. 

Same as you tried to do with Fill, so the Blade Club have no sympathy in costing you the match against Fill for the International Championship Title that you and I will be fighting for on Mayhem when you were just using your former partner and stable mate to further your own career by thrusting yourself into the championship spotlight at his expense. Fill should be thanking me for that, for making Rayne pay for using him like that. You betrayed his loyalty and friendship for what? An accolade, a trophy, an accomplishment that you didnít have balls and enough confidence in yourself to do face to face as a man. So instead? 

You painted yourself as a hero playing big brother to Fill only to stick that dagger between his shoulders when Fill wasnít looking and the time was right. Kudos. It worked. Now here you are competing for what once was Fillís title against the man who stopped you from taking it from him the first time and now where is he?  On the outside looking in. Howís that for a funny twist of fate.. Now you are lying in wait, hoping to evolve at a quicker pace than I am to become a better you through more of the same tired tricks and similar ramblings that we have heard from you before. 

[Blayde Archer looks up at the full moon as a lone wolf howls in the distance.]

You seem to be under the impression that the only thing that I am working out, is my mouth. Basically insinuating that I am all talk and you got that from one single sit down interview, did you? And here I thought you were past underestimating me. Tsk, tsk. Answer me this question, Rayne. What are YOU doing that you feel is any different than what you accuse? Looks to me like are youíre comfortably hidden in your safe place, expressing your thoughts into some religiously influenced video diary. Better be careful Rayne, your glass castle on a sand foundation is starting to crack.

There will be disappointment in your near future Rayne but it wonít due to Darkness. Itís going to be due to me dropping you where you stand with the Blade Cutter out of nowhere and I prove without question that I AM the better man and the Champion that I always knew I would one day be.. Chances like this donít present itself often and I know that you are ready to empty both barrels of your verbal ammunition on a man who is bullet proof to your words. Talk can only get you so far with me, itís actions that speak volumes and my past actions speak for themselves. 

[The flames of the fire reflect off the dark eyes of Blayde Archer as he stares into the camera.]

This is the part you where I give you your just due, Rayne. Because I know that you are an amazing talent that is capable of reaching the same heights as me. You have that same hunger, tenacity, motivation, work ethic, the desire to be the man here. That is why it is fate for our paths to cross and meet on Mayhem to determine which one of us will grab that brass ring first because we both will be fighting to reach for it. I know of your history, more than even you realize.. From when Worlds Collide to previous promotions you have been in the past. Does ďhigh caliberĒ Caleb Leber ring a bell? I was front row for that match. You won and I knew then, that you had that special something. Since our last encounter I have studied your tendencies and habits which I would guess that you have done the same. We did take each other to our limits and test our threshold for pain and now? The bar is raised. The stakes are high and we are both playing for keeps. Itís no longer a matter of wanting it more, now itís about who will do what it takes to win? We are both willing but only one of us will be able to claim victory as our own.

[Blayde Archer glances down at the tattoo on his inner bicep that reads "Blade Club 4 life" and smiles.]

Here is what you need to understand about myself and more specifically, The Blade Club. We are money. We are ratings. We are proven winners in every since of the word, itís what we do and when it comes right down to brass tacks? My success speaks for itself. You are right as Rain, Rayne. I donít know what it feels like to lose a match because I never have and I certainly donít plan on starting in Louisville or any other town the WWX tour through anytime soon. Win streaks happen for a reason and like I already said, the club are proven winners in every since of the word.

You think I underestimated you Rayne? Well, in you own words sometimes things are "not what they seem.."

[A smirk.]

You thought exactly what I wanted you to think.. I call it pushing your buttons, causing you to react the way you have and coming at you from different angles to keep you on your toes and guess what.. it worked! Now you know better to take me lightly again because this is not about puns or this war of words you want to have with me. The REAL battle happens in that ring to prove once and for all without dispute, who the real true International Champion will be.  You want to beat me at my best? Be careful what you ask for Rayne because it wont be rain that will be felt.. It will be bloodshed. You can dream of beating me all you want but I already proved last week that I can drop you with the Blade cutter for a 10 count but this week I will only need three of those seconds to defeat you. 

The real question here is, what can you do to stop me?

[Blayde Archer stares back into the fire as the camera shifts to the full moon as we fade out.]

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