Stuck in a loop

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Nov16, 2017 1:36am America/Phoenix
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Stuck in a loop
(Scene opens inside an empty arena in Duluth, Georgia. Inside, dozens of crews are bustling about, making preparations for the upcoming WWX Wreckage event. As we zoom in on the recently assembled stage, we see a man standing and surveying the arena with his hands in his pockets.  It's WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Camera zooms in on him.)

Steen: So here we go. All over again. Another day, another meaningless, time wasting match against another meaningless opponent. And as a result, another wasted prime hour in the career of the smoothest operator in professional wrestling. 


Steen: And this time . . . This time they didn't even bother to come up with a time-waster of their own. They literally recycled the same garbage match from Ravage. Willie Steen versus Luandre Xavier. Are you serious? I just got through cleaning this losers clock and now they're gonna waste my life by having me do it again? And on the B-show, no less?

(Gives a frustrated chuckle)

Steen: What happened? I used to be in main events winning and defending championships. Just a few months back, I was sitting on top of the World Title rankings. Now I'm working the scrub show with some over the hill, jabroni. 

(Looks up at the light)

Steen: How did I let it come to this. And more importantly, how do I get back on track? 

(Looks down out over the arena)

Steen: Tell you what, though. Something is about to change. And it's about to change real soon.

(Without another word, Steen turns and walk back behind the curtain and the scene fades to black.)

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