Super Bacon Vs Red Puma P2

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, May11, 2017 3:20am America/Phoenix
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Super Bacon Vs Red Puma P2
[Super Bacon walks around trying to find Red Puma, you suddenly see Red Puma looking at Super Bacon].

Super Bacon: RED PUMA!! I am here to destroy you!

Red Puma: Oh yeah.... TRY ME!!

[Super Bacon jumps at Red Puma and dropkicks him in the face, Red Puma jumps back up and chucks Bacon down to the floor...THUD... Super Bacon lies for a few seconds and stands back up and climbs up on to a Balcony and does his finisher, [[[the front flip hurricanrana]]] on Red Puma, Red Puma smashes down to the floor. A minute later, Super Bacon jumps onto a lamp post [[[Flight Of The Hawk]]].

Super Bacon: I have defeated a master criminal... it should be easier to defeat Tom Black and Bishop Polaris...

Red Puma:[In a croaky slow voice] ... HAHAHAHA... you think you can destroy ... Tom Black and Bishop Polaris... You have another thing coming...HAHAHHAHA

Super Bacon: Gaijin and I will come out of that match victorious and get that tag title shot, even if we have big opponents against us!!

[Bacon puts his Jet pack back on and flicks his switch and flies back up to the 'Flying Bacon'. You can see Dave standing on the 'Flying Bacon' clapping very quickly]

Dave: Well done, Well done. You have defeated Red Puma... Now on Sunday, Mayhem, you and Gaijin will defeat the opposition and become the greatest tag team champs ever in WWX.

[Bacon walks down the corridor and the camera follows him. You can see him standing in a room with lots of training equipment and a computer in the top right corner. Super Bacon is now sat on the computer and he has Tom Black and Bishop Polaris fact files on it.

Super Bacon: Toms Type of wrestling is Lunatic and Power House, Polaris is a Lunatic and American,
ok I should train to counter their fighting style. Oh I will send him a message. 'see ya on mayhem'.

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