Super Bacon

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Nov15, 2017 10:32am America/Phoenix
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Super Bacon
[Tom Black is stood in a kitchen mockingly looking towards the camera, he has a fake grin on his face, like it's some what forced. There is a counter in front of him with many ingredients sat on top.]

Tom Black: Hello WWX, and welcome to my cooking show! Today, we will be cooking bacon! That's literally all we're doing. OK, so first, what you wanna do, is grab your piece of bacon and shove it in the oven. Wait for a bit...

[He stands there awkwardly staring at the camera. Time passes until Tom starts to speak.]

Tom Black: Right, so while we're waiting, let's talk about my match on Wreckage against Super Bacon. The fool who thinks he's a superhero. I have faced him once before and when I did, I pinned his lifeless body to the mat. Obviously he believes he has became stronger, but everybody knows he's just a little kid trying to be a hero. So let me tell you something, Rob, yeah, don't tell me I didn't notice you when you debuted. So, Rob, I have a question to ask you and I'm going to put it plainly, are you brave enough to step into the same ring as me? The Dark One? The Superhero vs THE DARK ONE. Yes, you've had a little success, beating Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister as well as me, but that just proves that they suck even more than what I thought before. Anyway, that means nothing when you get into the ring with me, when you fight me, you don't simply have competition, you fight for your dignity and your well being. Because if you didn't you would be laid out in an instant.

[He checks on his bacon and huffs at how tedious this is and raises to look back at the camera.]

Tom Black: Bacon, I want you to know something. I want you to know that I am 6'11, 320 pounds and I am fighting YOU. Now have another think about how brave you are now! Yeah I know, you are afraid of me aren't you? Now. Let's carry on with this stupid show that I was forced to do by my promotions manager. So, let's start making the seasoning for this bacon. For my seasoning, I'm going to use one of Super Bacon's masks. OK, so what you should do is put your chosen ingredient in some sort of machine, but I prefer to just get a Mortar and Pestle and really crush my Super Bacon to really get the right flavour. OK,

[He grabs mortar and pestle and shoves the mask into it and starts to destroy it by grinding the blue mask. He speaks while he does so.]

Tom Black: So what you want to do is really grind your opponent to fine powder, so really put your back and your wrists, and your arms into it, lucky for me, I have extremely large muscles and should be able to complete this task rather quickly! Just to let you know Bacon, I really enjoy your works and take that inspiration for this show.

[He chuckles sarcastically at what was just in his mind. The mask is now nothing but fine, salty looking powder.]

Tom Black: So, now the seasoning is done, you can now pull the bacon out of the cooker and serve it on a plate for one person. For me I am adding baked beans and eggs to mine, but you can have whatever you want for your sides. So, you've now got a rather nice breakfast, but now you can add the seasoning.

[He picks up his disgusting ground up mask and sprinkles it onto the food vigorously and it makes the food look like it has blue snow all over it.]
Tom Black: Mmm, lovely. A delicious breakfast for one! And it was made in around 10 - 15 minutes! Cool, but before we finish this show, Bacon, on Wreckage, when I beat you,, you will be dead meat, just like this meal. And all that will be left of you is this seasoning, because I will crush you. See you soon.

[He tips his plate over as the screen fades to black.]

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