Super Cooking Show - Episode 2

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Nov29, 2017 12:07pm America/Phoenix
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Super Cooking Show - Episode 2
(The camera is set in the middle of the flying bacon. The room has many pieces of tech including: A computer, a plasma TV, a jetpack stand, a weapons rack with: swords, katanas, axes and nun chucks. Super Bacon is sat with a parachute pack on his back connected to a harness. Dave is sat next to him on a bench he is wearing a casual animal t shirt on he is wearing jeans. Super Bacon is wearing his signature blue suit, mask and cape. Dave walks away and opens a different door). 

SB: As you can probably see I am about to do a skydive. I know you're thinking ' Why not use your jetpack?' Well I will tell you why. Using a jetpack doesn't give me a thrilling feeling. Whereas, skydiving, that is a different story it makes you feels like you are actually flying not needing a massive jetpack on your back, you just need a pack with a parachute tucked in!

(Dave now enters with his parachute pack on).

Dave: I'm ready are you?

SB: Yes. Let's go!

(Super Bacon and Dave start walking up to the hatch door. He opens the hatch).

SB: Ready?

Dave: Ready!

(Dave and Super Bacon run and jump out of the flying bacon. They are now soaring through the sky. There aren't many clouds and the sky is shining brightly. The wind is perfect for skydiving today).

Dave:(Steaming) Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

SB: Wooooooooooo!!

(A few skyscrapers are now in vision).

SB: Pull the chain.

(Dave and Super Bacon both pull at their chains, Dave's parachute comes out instantly. Super Bacons on the other hand isn't working).

SB: Sugar! My pully chain thing isn't working!

Dave: Quick!! Pull the emergency chain!!

(Super Bacon pulls at the emergency chain. 5 seconds after he pulled it, the parachute fly's out of the pack).

SB: Thank Goodness that worked now let's aim this thing!

(Many skyscrapers are in view now. One if them has a massive Helipad, only the helipad doesn't have  a H on it , it has a FB on it).

SB:There Dave, the Bacon building! Turn left.

Dave: OK heading there now! 

(Dave and Super Bacon pull a handle with their leepisode and they then turn left. They land on the fb pad and take their parachute pack off).

SB:Yeah that was amazing!!!!!!

Dave: I'm never doing that again! Ever!

(They then walk down and open a door. The door leads into an elevator, Super Bacon clicks 13. The elevator then starts going down. The elevator stops and the door opens. They walk out and they are in the same cooking show as last episode. The neon sign saying Rob Bacons cooking show).

SB:Can you roll the cameras please?

Camera Crew: Yes sir.

(The camera crew then start the cameras)

SB: Hello and welcome to my cooking show. On Saturday, as you probably know, I am going up against Euan Milton.

(He then walks over to a cooking table).

SB: Today I will be cooking... BACON!!! I REALLY LOVE BACON!!!

(He pauses for a bit).

SB: Sorry about that, but I really like bacon. So first you are going to grab your bacon.

(SB goes to his freezer and grabs a bag of bacon and rips it open, he then grabs a piece of bacon).

 SB: I am gonna pretend my bacon is Euan Milton, next place your bacon on some tin foil 

(He gets some tin foil from a cupboard and puts his bacon on it).

SB: Then beat the devil out if it. This doesn't affect the taste but seeing as I'm pretending it is my opponent I'm going to punch him. Really think that this is your enemy!

(Super Bacon beats the devil out of the bacon).

SB: Next we are going to put some seasoning on it! Let's grab some salt and pepper.

(He turns around and opens a cupboard he takes some salt and pepper. He turns around again and places them on the table).

SB: Now sprinkle some on your bacon. As much as you want.

(He grabs a handful of salt and sprinkles it on, he then sprinkles pepper on).

SB: Oooh! That looks nice! Let's put this in the oven!

(Super Bacon takes his bacon and puts it on a baking tray and goes to the oven).

SB: Now I'm going to put this bacon on the second bit. Now you are probably thinking ' won't that take longer to cook?' Well it will just like it will take longer for Milton to get to my level which also explains why the bacon isn't on the top, he said ' I'm not on his level yet' ! Hahaha!

(He then puts a timer on for 10 minutes)

SB: Now this gives me time to talk about Milton. Well first of all he was a triple a champion, I'm pretty sure that is a battery! Next he probably is a tough opponent, havebeen wrestling for a long time buuut he hasn't wrestled for a long time. I'm energetic and you will never know what I am gonna do next! Well all I have to say is... Good Luck!!

(5 minutes go by. The timer goes off).

SB: Yes! Its done!

(He walks over to the oven and takes out the bacon).

SB: Ooh! That smells yummy!

(He takes a bite)


(He scoffs it down).

SB: Yum! Euan I'm speaking directly to you! See ya on Ravage!

(The cameras fade to black)

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