Super Crusade

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On Sun, Jan21, 2018 7:53am America/Phoenix
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Super Crusade
(The camera is set on Super Bacon. He is sat on a leather, spinning chair. He is laughing) .

SB: Oh hello (laughing still). Sorry about the laughing I just find it so funny. My match on Ravage ended in what... 5 seconds. That must be a record! David charged at me and all I had to do was move out of the way and pin him. Ha aha ha! Now I am against...who... Damian Price? I can actually visualise myself holding that title in my hands. And these two men are the people have already helped me get closer to that shot.... Hey David... Damian... Thanks! Now enough about that... Now how much do you wanna bet someone is gonna call me in 5 seconds? Just you wait.

(Suddenly the phone rings).

SB: See what did I tell you... I wonder who it is!

(He walks over and picks up the phone).

SB: Hello, Super Bacon speaking... Someone is robbing the bank!? I will be there as soon as possible! (He hangs up. Bacon then runs over to the elevator and calls Dave on the phone. He presses FB and begins to go up).

SB: Meet me in the Flying Bacon. (He hangs up). 

(The elevator dings open and he grabs a remote from a metal box on the side of the roof. He clicks the green button and the FB door opens. Bacon runs into the Flying Bacon and sits on the chair. Dave suddenly cones out of the elevator and comes into the FB. SB then clicks the red button and the doors shut Dave goes into the cockpit and gets the FB of the ground. Suoer Bacon walks into the cockpit as well).

Dave: So Bacon... What is so urgent?

SB: Basically... Someone is robbing the bank and we have to go there and help the police.

Dave: OK lets go! 

(Dave turns the FB around and zooms off closer to the bank. When they reach the bank Dave lowers the FB and Super Bacon presses the green button. Bacon drops the remote and dives out of the door and lands rolling along the floor and stands up. It was a graceful dive).

SB: Like a Hawk!

Dave: I hate it when he does that!

(Dave lands the flying bacon and walks out closing the doors with the remote after).

Dave: You do realise that you could just wait until I land.

SB: Yeah but that's not fun is it!? Hello officers. I am here to assist you.

Police men: We dont need your help Super Bacon!

SB: OK. I will just stand here and watch. 

(As he watches a police officer comes out limping and suddenly he collapses).

SB: Who the Hell is in there?

Police Men: umm... We don't know yet.

SB: Now do you need my help?

Police Men: Ummm.... Yes

SB: Yay.

(He sprints inside of the bank and the camera follows. He goes down into where they keep the money. As he runs in there is someone stood there. He looks somewhat... Familiar).

SB: Hey I think I have seen you before...

???: Yes you have. You thought I would stop commiting crime didnt you. Ha aha ha.

(He begins to grab more money and puts it into his bag already leaking notes).

???: This is such a cool reunion... I am... RED PUMA!!!

SB: (gasp Sarcastically) I am so scared. I have already defeated you... Why not do it again. But lets figure this out and try not to fight OK.

(SB walks closer to Puma).

SB: So why don't you put the money back and walk away.

Puma: Let me think about this... No!

SB: OK... Bye! (He turns to walk away)

Puma: Huh?! I thought you were a hero.

SB: Oh I am 

(Super Bacon quickly spins and takes a swift enziguri to his temple).

SB: Ha that easy. I'll be taking that.

(He grabs the money sack and pushes it back in the vault and locks it back up. He picks up Red Puma and lifts him onto his shoulders. Bacon walks out of the bank and puts him in a police car).

SB: Done... Lock him up... I have put the money back... Bye! 

Dave: Umm OK that was quick. Bye!

(They both walk into the Flying Bacon. Dave goes into the cockpit as SB walks into a corridor. He opens a door and sits down).

SB: Damian Price... I am talking to you now... What you saw me do to Red Puma thats gonna be you soon. One kick to your temple and you are gonna be knocked out of the crusade cup... Just you watch.

(Camera fades to black).

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