Super Unimpressed Hex

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On Sat, Jul08, 2017 10:57pm America/Phoenix
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Super Unimpressed Hex
*The WWX Logo Flashes and cuts to the WWX News studio Leon Jones is sitting behind the desk and sitting in the chair to the right of him is Hex Girl. She is looking rather nice dressed in black slacks and a pinstripe vest top, the WWX TV title belt is sitting next to her on a table. Leon looks at the camera.*

LJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I'm Leon Jones and this is WWX News. This evening we have the current WWX Television Champion Hex Girl joining us in the studio. She has been kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to sit down with us tonight. Hex Girl welcome it's always a pleasure to have you here in the studio.

*Hex Girl smiles at the camera and then turns to Leon.*

HG: Thank you Leon. I know you prefer to have me in the studio because here I can't just kick you out and end the interview early.

*She gives a playful chuckle. Leon shifts in his chair.*

LJ: Coming up on Ravage you are set to face the man, the myth, the breakfast item, some would say superhero... Super Bacon in defense of your TV title. How do you feel about that?

HG: Well it's a title defense. *She takes a deep breath.* I'm no stranger to those. I intend to approach this one with the same intensity I have in the past. I will not let this title pass without a fight. If Super Pork wants he will EARN IT.

LJ: It could be argued that he did earn his shot at the title.

HG: That is a whole different ball of wax, Leon. Yes he's earned his shot. But now if he wants this belt he's gonna have to go through me. I heard him talk about his 'wrestling superiority', and I don't recall seeing any of it when he's been in the ring.

LJ: Are you saying you don't see him as a threat, then?

HG: I'm not saying that. I'm the smallest person on the roster everyone I face starts out with a size advantage on me. I'm just saying going on what I've seen so far I've faced bigger and better. He's a threat until I've got him pinned, passed out or tapped.

LJ: Based on what you said I'm assuming you saw his interview with Jonathan Ross then. What do you think of the training methods he discussed?

HG: *Starts laughing* Flipping on mats and kicking squishy targets. *Doubles over laughing so hard she's shaking.*  Wow! Why didn't I think of that instead of doing things like 5 miles of free running and parkour, full contact sparring and actually |BLEEP|ing practicing my moves? Things I do every week in addition to specialized training depending on the match. OH, I know why because I have a lick of common goddamn sense! Super Frank and Beans has obviously never actually watched one of my matches. He talks about liking strong wrestling. The only strong wrestling he's seen has been in the bedroom with ol' Davey boy. 

*Leon clears his throat and tries to change the subject.*

LJ: You are predicting a clear victory then?

HG: I never predict you know that. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. And what I'm gonna do is go in that ring on Ravage and show Super Breakfast how a champion fights. I'm going to show him that I don't rest on my laurels and how the smallest package can be the biggest challenge. I heard his goal is to beat everyone on the roster. I'm gonna be his biggest hurdle.

*Leon turns to the camera.*

LJ: That is all the time we have for today. Once again thank you to Hex Girl for joining us we'll be seeing her on Ravage Live from the US Army Garrison in Stuttgart, Germany. 

*He turns around and shakes Hex Girl's hand as it fades out to the WWX logo.*

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