Adam Danger

Name : Adam Danger
Sex : M
Role : WWX Wrestler
Injury : No
Joined on : Tue, Jan30, 2018 7:27am America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Thu, May03, 2018 7:46am America/Phoenix
Handled by :
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 2000
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 pounds [ Heavyweight ]
Alignment : Heel

Catchphrase : Welcome to the Future

Entrance Music : The Future by CFO$

Wrestling styles : Orthodox & Orthodox
Signature Moves :
DiamondDriver(Full Nelson Driver)


SamShot(Paydirt) followed by an hone-crushing Savage Kick to the head

Chain Moves :

Taunts :

Ring Entrance :

Avatarcode :

Body Appearance :
Additional Info
Adam Danger is the brother to Chris and Kadence.

He is an developmental talent.

Superstar Role
Adam Danger is a WWX Wrestler superstar.
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