Scott Grayse

Name : Scott Grayse
Sex : M
Role : WWX Wrestler
Injury : No
Joined on : Thu, Jun10, 2010 3:04pm America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Sun, Apr29, 2018 7:50pm America/Phoenix
Handled by : ScottGrayse0
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 1982
Hometown: Los Angeles
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 267 pounds [ Heavyweight ]
Alignment : Unpopular

Catchphrase : You will Face Judgement

Entrance Music : "Man without Fear" By Drowning Pool FT Rob Zombie

Wrestling styles : Power & Lunatic
Signature Moves :
Lights Out Superkick, Grayse Effect(Raven Effect DDT)

Chain Moves :

Taunts :

Ring Entrance :
"Man without Fear" booms throughout the WWX arena and the fans look around and give a mixed reaction. Scott Grayse comes out and walks through a thick fog, His hir covers his face and heflips it back to see a demonic face with a sinister smirk to boot. he walks down to the ring while yelling at the fans. He slides into the ring and spits a red mist into the air.

Avatarcode : k322e06a405v42b2a22202a04910119bairrazbbbbbbbifh2m06j0chb0aabt2xqfa000009440

Body Appearance :
Television Champion : 1 time(s)
Triple A Champion : 1 time(s)
WWX World Tag Team Champion : 1 time(s)
Additional Info

Superstar Role
Scott Grayse is a WWX Wrestler superstar.
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