Giant Khoklov

Name : Giant Khoklov
Sex : M
Role : WWX Wrestler
Injury : No
Joined on : Thu, Apr13, 2017 4:10pm America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Wed, Jul05, 2017 5:48am America/Phoenix
Handled by : Brad
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 1983
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 520 pounds [ Titanweight ]
Alignment : Megaheel

Catchphrase : Da zdravstvuyet Rossiya!

Entrance Music : 'Mother Land'

Wrestling styles : Big & Power
Signature Moves :
Moscow Piledriver;

The Moscow piledriver is an arm hook piledriver. That sees Khoklov hook the arms of the opponent like a pedigree, then lift them up and piledriver them into the mat. This is his main, and deadly finisher. It is protected so well. Not many kick out from it.

Torture Rack;

This is a simple, but effective torture rack that damages the opponent's poor rib cage. This is his "Uber" finisher. In which he uses from time to time to submit his opponents.

Shoulder Knockdown;

The shoulder knock down is Giant Khoklov's full force and muscle weight of his right shoulder smashing into you like a boulder. He uses this as a transitional move of some sort.

double handed choke;

This sees Giant Khoklov lift the opponent up in the air with his own two hands gripped viscously around their neck. This is another transitional submission.

Head Chop;

A head chop to the (you guessed it) head. He pushes his opponent into the corner then proceeds to hit it with full intensity and force that it would make any sane man brain dead.

Chain Moves :
Giant Khoklov stares down the opponent's eyes. He is full of rage and anger. He waits for a few seconds, before out of nowhere planting his opponent with a vicious Shoulder Knockdown.

Taunts :
Giant Khoklov stares directly into the hard cam, proceeding to flex his muscles and roar as loud as he can towards the camera / audience. It is one scary sight to behold.

He places his hand on the left side of his muscular chest and proceeds to sing the Russian National Anthem. This riles the crowd up so much.

Ring Entrance :
Mother Land erupts throughout the arena. The crowd erupt in a scowl of boos at the sight of a massive Russian flag covering the titantron. "USA" "USA" chants can be heard throughout the arena, but the patriotic music of Russia overpowers them.

Out from the entrance ramp steps the 7" tall, 520 ibs of pure Russian muscle known only as Giant Khoklov. The camera rises. Starting down below his black laced boots rising all the way up his ripped muscular physique to his grimacing head. All brawn. No Brain. They like to say. His face full of anger and rage from having to stand in an American Ring. This is "The Russian Monster"... This is Giant Khoklov!  

Avatarcode : g337e09n444x46g1q24302h04922609jtixxazbbbbbbajch5m24j3chb0aabt6xbfe000009340

Body Appearance : Black shiny trunks with the Soviet Union logo blazed on them. Two similar shiny black boots. White wrist tape above his giant hands.
Additional Info
Born in Moscow near the Spasskaya Tower. Mariat Vlutarr Khoklov is truly a sight to behold. Known for standing at 7-2" and weighing a little over 500ibs he is someone you do not want to mess with.

He grew up admiring wrestling and watching the greats. He also grew up to be a patriot. in 2001 (At the young age of 18) Khoklov started training for wrestling. Many could see he was the future of it, given his size and his stature. He looked promising in the ring. While no technical masterpiece, he was a true "giant" of a wrestler. He moved to USA in early 2004 to join a local wrestling federation when he decided to turn pro and give the business a shot. After a few years he learnt fluent English. When he first debuted he used the ring name "The American Giant". A fun, bubbly babyface that never spoke but had "The All American Manager" to do all the talking for him. In which he would pretend to be a patriotic American Giant. Which was ironic. Considering the fact he was actually Russian. Realising the fact that this gimmick wasn't going to get him anywhere in the future, he decided to bring the patriosm of his home country and turn on "The All American Manager". Therefore he became "The Russian Giant". Then a few months later wrestling under his real surname, Khoklov. As "Giant Khoklov" becoming the ultimate heel for the babyfaces to conquer and also became a multi time champion.

in 2010 an appendix injury saw him retire from the business at the young age of 26. He later went on to become an American bodybuilder living in Chicago.

After 5 years of body building he decided to give it up. With no career direction he looked back to his glory wrestling days. Disappointed he never became big in the world of wrestling he decided to give it one more shot.

He spent two more years re-training to get rid of the ring rust and re-establish his character again, and now here he is. At the prime age of 34. His career starts again. And it starts with the WWX...





Superstar Role
Giant Khoklov is a WWX Wrestler superstar.
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