Mike Hart

Name : Mike Hart
Sex : M
Role : WWX Broadcast
Injury : No
Joined on : Mon, Dec14, 2009 3:13pm America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Fri, Jul10, 2020 3:39am America/Phoenix
Handled by : josh
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 1982
Hometown: Boston MA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 pounds [ Liteweight ]
Alignment : Popular

Catchphrase :

Entrance Music : Mike Hart's Theme

Wrestling styles : Orthodox & Orthodox
Signature Moves :

Chain Moves :

Taunts :

Ring Entrance :
Mike Hart's Theme plays.  Mike Hart walks into the ring.

Avatarcode : p414e03a310h01e2i21101c03521119ctixxafddbbbdbbbh2m05j3chb0aabt5xcca000009341

Body Appearance :
Additional Info
Mike Hart is probably the most prominent broadcast announcer/commentator of the WWX.  He is primarily the Fury lead announcer and he works does side commentary for other WWX shows as well.

Superstar Role
Mike Hart is a WWX Broadcast member.
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