Rex McAllister

Name : Rex McAllister
Sex : M
Role : WWX Wrestler
Injury : No
Joined on : Tue, Aug04, 2015 6:56pm America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Sat, Oct13, 2018 1:02am America/Phoenix
Handled by : MooreE3282
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 1991
Hometown: Sea Isle, New Jersey
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 238 pounds [ Heavyweight ]
Alignment : Heel

Catchphrase : ' Now that...was Rexcellent'

Entrance Music : "A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed

Wrestling styles : Orthodox & Technical
Signature Moves :
(Finisher)The Rex Effect-Twisting Tornado+Double-arm ddt combination (bounces off the ropes for the necessary momentum)

Rex Lock (STF ; utilized normally if opponent kicks out of The Rex Effect)

Fallaway Slam (Angle Slam)
Belly to back suplex+pin
Running lariat
Face Buster
grounded sleeper hold
Standing sleeper hold
Rake face across top rope
Figure four on ring post ( ala Bret Hart within mandatory count referee methods)
Standing-Boston Crab (ala Jericho)
Standing elbow smash (stands and jumps from second turnbuckle usually when opponent is groggy but standing

Russian Leg Sweep
Headbutt groin (to grounded opponent)
Rear chinlock
Flying elbow smash (when whipped into the ropes)
Crossbody off top of turnbuckle+pin combination (when whipped into turnbuckle)

Chain Moves :
Twirls right index figure over his head followed by double thumbs down motion to indicate his finisher is about to take place

Taunts :
Two thumbs up when gesturing himself

Two thumbs down gesturing towards audience

Accepts crowd's negative response with a gesture of his head upward (Like The Rock)

Points into camera with a serious demeanor and says random sentences (usually regarding his upcoming match)

Ring Entrance :
A Welcome Burden by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads Rex in red lettering on the right and Master on the left. The back reads Rexcellence. Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.

Avatarcode : d303e12a500i00g2r32201a02820529jkixxazbvbbbbbbbh2m06j3chb0aabt5xiac300009431

Body Appearance : Hair dyed white, Triple H chiseled build, wears long tights and a bottomless vest that says RexaMania on the back and he has black boots
World Wrestling Champion : 2 time(s)
Television Champion : 1 time(s)
WWX World Tag Team Champion : 2 time(s)
Additional Info
He's cross, angry and clever. But what'd you expect from somebody with his terrible past.

He was born and grew up in a decent family in a small urban upbringing in Sea Isle, NJ. He lived in peace until he was about 13 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst.

He destroyed someone's life during a robbery gone wrong and was abandoned by all. With a loyal friend he had to survive in a bleak world. But with his diligence and wits, he managed to escape hell and conquer all fears and doubts. This has turned him into the man he is today.

With the skills learned in the past, he now works on making it as pro wrestler. By doing so, he hopes to become the best in the business.  In his short time in WWX he has managed to display his unmatched ability and skills against the best competition WWX has to offer while setting the example along the way. 

�;Trained by WWX Legend Jeremiah O'Reilly

�;A member Backyard wrestling Battle Extreme Federation

�;Wrestling since age 18. Lived out of his car for a year working three dead end jobs before enrolling into wrestling school.

Superstar Role
Rex McAllister is a WWX Wrestler superstar.
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