Sgt Dixie Clemets

Name : Sgt Dixie Clemets
Sex : F
Role : WWX Wrestler
Injury : No
Joined on : Mon, May22, 2017 11:10am America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Wed, Jun21, 2017 11:11am America/Phoenix
Handled by : sgtclemets
Details Persona Signature Moves Chain Moves Taunts Ring Entrance Appearance Achievements
Year of Birth: 1996
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 pounds [ Liteweight ]
Alignment : Megaheel

Catchphrase : You Cross Me You Do Time!

Entrance Music : Cell Block-Big Bossman Attitude Era

Wrestling styles : Power & cheater
Signature Moves :
Signature: Clemets Buster: A power throw that utilizes Sgt. Clemets's strength. Sgt. Clemets starts off with her opponent in a front facelock. Next, she drapes her opponent's near arm over her shoulder. Sgt. Clemets hooks her opponent's right leg and lifts her on her shoulders. She then runs forward, jumps and transitions into a seated position, driving her opponent back-first into the mat. Sgt. Clemets covers them for the pin.

Main FINISHER:Speed Buster II: A power throw that utilizes Sgt. Clemets's strength. Sgt. Clemets bends her opponent over, locking her arms around the opponent's waist. As she lifts her opponent up and flips them over, she hoists them in the air, causing them to spin them 720. Finally, Sgt. Clemets sideslams them back-first into the mat.

Chain Moves :
Wild West Punch Roundup: Sgt Clemets starts out alternating hooks to her opponent's face. After the third strike, she uppercuts them twice in the stomach. She finishes the move with three more hooks to the face, with the third one knocking them out

Taunts :
Come at me motion with her hand as she says "I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass!"

Ring Entrance :
the A rena Flashes a series of Red and Blue Lights right off a Police Siren as a real one plays on the Speakers for a 15 second showing then transitioning to Cell Block by Jim Johnston the very same used in the Big Bossman's entrance in The Attitude Era.

we see next Sgt Dixie Clemets in her ring attire on her Motorcycle flanked by her Deputies on all sides on theirs as well as they ride down the ramp then with the Sgt Leading procession lap the ring four times as they chief deputy leads the others to the back and leave their leader in the ring as she makes a handcuff signal to signal somebody's(likely her opponent)getting put under arrest tonight!

Avatarcode : g324e06a405b13i2j22202a04920329jhvuubxtuuuuubbbh4f06q2uuj0aabt3xgwa100009400

Body Appearance : Slim muscular sexy build
Additional Info
former Sgt San Antonio Texas PD leader of the Motorcycle division now professional Wrestler with record all over Japan and U.S and Europe of 59-25-3

Superstar Role
Sgt Dixie Clemets is a WWX Wrestler superstar.
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