Terry Jackson

Name : Terry Jackson
Sex : M
Role : WWX Broadcast
Injury : No
Joined on : Sun, Jul03, 2011 5:04pm America/Phoenix
Contract ends : Thu, Aug16, 2018 11:07pm America/Phoenix
Handled by : Xavier
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Year of Birth: 1965
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 232 pounds [ Heavyweight ]
Alignment : Popular

Catchphrase :

Entrance Music : 'Sweet Home Alabama/Country Grammar" by Lynyrd Skynyrd/Nelly

Wrestling styles : Flyer & American
Signature Moves :

Chain Moves :

Taunts :

Ring Entrance :

Avatarcode : k322e06a405h42b2a22202a04910119ctjssazcbcccbcjah0m07j3ija0aabt2xmja000009440

Body Appearance : Looks like a slimmer version of Jim Ross.
Additional Info
An avid wrestling fanatic, Terry Jackson has spent many years writing wrestling articles and blogs since his mid-20s. He has traveled the world and has interviewed the best wrestlers in the world and plans to do the same, along with making his mark in the WWX.

Superstar Role
Terry Jackson is a WWX Broadcast member.
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