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On Tue, Jan30, 2018 10:46pm America/Phoenix
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(The camera comes into focus on a cellphone sitting on top of a towel. The screen is black and high-energy rock music is playing from the speakers. The camera pans back a bit to reveal a gym bag, on top of which one of the WWX Titles. The nameplate glints, calling attention to the name 'Kurtis Ray' but the champ is nowhere to be seen. The camera pans back still further, finally revealing Kurtis Ray in the midst of a workout, doing squats with a weight bar that is set-up with a considerable amount of weight.

The Hype Train is managing fairly well, but lets out a grunt of effort and then lowers the bar onto a rack, stepping away. He is clearly winded and sweat is rolling down his face, but he crouches down so he's in frame of the camera and grins.)

KURTIS: What's up, Universe? I know some of you might have questions about what I did on Ravage this week. For those of you who weren't there or who weren't paying attention, ol' Kurtis busted out a little payback on Darkness and Syndicate. And maybe I lost some of you because of it, but it needed to be done. I needed to move past my anger toward Syndicate and Darkness for screwing me out of a title I deserved. Twice.

(Kurtis takes a deep breath, holding it for a moment before letting it out. After a moment he continues speaking.)

KURTIS: I'd be lying if I said I was completely over it, but there are more important things to worry about. After Darkness lost his match against Xavier Pendragon, before I even made it back to my locker room I got a call from the GM informing me that I have a match with Darkness this week, rather than the by week I would have got while Syndicate and Korath sorted their junk out. I guess it's supposed to be a punishment? I reckon it's a welcome opportunity.

(Kurtis raises to his full height so his head disappears out of the shot, and he stretches up. He drops down again into a plank position and starts doing pushups.)

KURTIS: Me and Darkness have danced around each other. We've faced off a few times, and like another person I could mention, Darkness hasn't been successful in defeating me in a clean match. The only reason Ravage might be any difference is because that big ninny's probably gonna bring his boy toy along with him because neither of them can get the job done on their own, can they?

(Kurtis pauses for a moment as if expecting a response, then rolls onto his back, lifting his legs until he is resting  on his shoulders and upper back. His lower body is the only thing visible on screen, and he slowly bicycles his legs.)

KURTIS: Now I reckon you're going to come back and have something to say about that, right? You're going to struggle and flounder and say you're not doing wrong by bringing moral support. The same moral support that succeeded admirably in keeping you in the crusade cup, by the way. And you know what? I welcome it. You do whatever you gotta do to make yourself feel better, big guy. In the end, it's not gonna make any difference, cause just like your little buddy Syndicate, I'll prove to you just how difficult it is to get past the Hype Train.

(Kurtis rolls to a sitting position then stands up, picking up the camera and moving to a different part of the gym. A weight sled is set up with some plates on it. Kurtis eyes it for a moment then puts down the camera, disappearing for a moment. He comes back with two more hundred-pound plates, then two more. He places them on the sled, counting again, before turning his attention back to the camera.)

KURTIS: Darkness.... Jacob... Whatever you want to call yourself. And whoever else might be watching this, planning your revenge or licking your wounds and whining. Let me be real, abundantly clear here; You have nothing I'm not prepared for. One of you, two of you, three of you, a hundred of you. It won't do you any good. You might think you have my number, but you don't. You might think you know what to expect or that you have me cornered, but you don't. You might think you're stronger than me or better than me, but you're not. I hope you are haunted by the fact that it took two of you to stop me from winning the title at Holiday Hell. I hope you're haunted by the fact that you're not gonna be enough of a challenge to make me break a sweat on Ravage when I crash through you on my way to robbing your boy Syndicate of any chance he has of winning the crusade cup tournament. And I hope it makes you sick when you realize the pleasure I'll take in proving to you just how big the gap in skill between us is.

(Kurtis grins, the tip of his tongue poking between his teeth. He turns his attention to the sled, patting it with his hand.)

KURTIS: I dunno if you've ever worked with one of these. Been part of my routine for years, ever since I played football in high school. This one is set up with twelve hundred pounds.

(Kurtis gets into position and then charges at the sled, hitting it fairly hard. It doesn't twitch at first, but after a moment of straining and bulging veins in his legs, Kurtis manages to get the sled moving. He pushes it about halfway down the track then switches position, grabbing a rope and pulling against the heavy sled.)

KURTIS: You.... Are nothing.... Darkness. You're a speed bump on my path to the title. You're an obstacle on my path to proving one more time that Syndicate isn't worth the paper they printed his contract on. But unlike myself, you're not some insurmountable wall I need someone else to overcome. You're more like a bit of police tape or a pylon.

(Kurtis lets out a growl and leans back, finally getting the sled to move as he trudges it back to it's starting position.)

KURTIS: On Ravage regardless of what you have in mind to tweak the odds in your favor, it's not going to turn out how you want it to. The fans may like you, but I don't. This could have been a friendly rivalry. You were complicit in making this personal, and now I'm not going to stop until I completely destroy you. So rest up, buddy. On Ravage, the Hype Train is coming for you. All aboard.

(Kurtis picks up the camera, grinning at it and flashing a peace sign before it clicks off.)

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