Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Tue, May15, 2018 8:58am America/Phoenix
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[The camera cuts to Gimmick Jones wile a trainer evaluates any possible injuries.]

Just imagine how badly I could have beaten that over rated hype machine if that MAGINA actually fought like a real man should. Instead what does Xavier, the "ZA-HERO" and "fan favorite" do?
He does this, roll the footage..

[The camera sees Gimmick Jones arriving at the arena, nearly running down a valet. As Gimmick Jones steps out the car, a cameraman catches a glimpse of a foot superkicking the driver side door shut in Gimmick Jones face. The resulting impact causes the driver side window glass to completely shatter. As the camera pans around, it turns to reveal Beatrice Pendragon shaking her head.]

BEATRICE: Rookies always thinking their hot s**t right out the gate always get their comeuppence in the end. Don't worry. You'll get a more suitable welcome from me later tonight.

The camera cuts to Gimmick Jones, smiling.]

[The camera sees Gimmick Jones wondering down the hallway, obviously looking for someone. Up ahead, he sees a door labeled "Gimmick Jones Locker Room" Jones lets out a little smirk and heads for the door. The moment he opens the door, he is quickly snatched in. Seconds later, he is seemingly completely thrown out of the locker room area. Jeffrey Pendragon steps out of Gimmick Jones' locker room with a smile on his face.]

JEFF: That's from last week. Now you get to deal with him...

[As if he summoned him with his words, Xavier Pendragon walks up. He looks at Gimmick Jones and continues onward. Xavier stands there for a moment but turns his head slightly.]

XAVIER: You're pathetic. Get up. See you in the ring Jones. Xavier then continues to walk towards the ring.

The camera cuts to Gimmick Jones, still smiling.]

So, to clarify.. Xavier hid behind both his wife and his son, using the two brainless twits to attack little rookie me not just once but twice before our match. hmmm, wonder why? Maybe, just maybe.. it is due to the complete lack of talent known as the Pendragon curse. 

I'll see you around, real soon..

[walks off.]

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