Swing For The Fences

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sat, Sep23, 2017 11:12pm America/Phoenix
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Swing For The Fences
*Hex Girl is up in the top balcony seats of the arena watching the final prep for World Series before the show. She's already in her ring gear the only difference is she is wearing a pair of slide on flats instead of running around barefooted like she does for a match. The camera approaches her from one side as she looks over the railing.*

It has been a long week hasn't it. *She stretches as she walks along the balcony.* Here we are in the home stretch. In a few hours the doors will open and the fans will be packing in here all of them eager to watch us tear into each other to see who will emerge victorious. 

Beatrice, I have no doubt that between the two of us, we will give the fans the show they paid to see. Anytime you want a proper rematch of our hardcore match I'm happy to oblige but for now let's just get through tonight. *She points at the camera and give a cheeky click of her tongue.*

Kailee it's good to see you decided to find your voice and speak up this time. Though we need to work on your outlook. You immediately said that you know you can't defeat me and Beatrice. Don't get me wrong I applaud it when someone acknowledges their limits and in your promos I can see you're giving this the literal college try. However, this early acceptance that you're not gonna win it just makes any victory over you feel empty because you've already mentally given up. 

Needham your ass is gonna be toast you've not bothered to say a goddamn word and I've given plenty of warnings about how I feel on hearing crickets. So be prepared to walk away black and |BLEEP|in' blue.

Jairus, oh Jairus, you are so proud of that number one contender ranking though you've done |BLEEP| all to prove you deserve it. Even now we've heard from you only once since the card was announced. You were sounding like you had half a stock, and about the go off half-cocked at just the thought of pulling a miracle out of your ass like you did in the battle royal that got you that ranking. In my book you are "Luke the Fluke." At this moment as far as I'm concerned you are a mistake that needs to be corrected. You're not going to win in the TV ring here at World Series. Like, Needham, you are going to walk away from this match black and blue. The only question is at this point is which one of you is going to be the one to get pinned. 

*She pauses and looks back out over the rings set up below the camera pans out to follow her gaze and fades to the WWX Logo.*

[cut to black]

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