Syndicate More Like BINdicate

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Fri, Dec08, 2017 9:57am America/Phoenix
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Syndicate More Like BINdicate
(The camera is set in an exam hall it has children in there sat on tables waiting for their exam papers a teacher is stood at the front of the room).

Teacher: Hello children as you know you are all doing your exams today!

Children: (not enthusiasticly at all) Yay.

Teacher: But first I have brought in someone who would like to speak with you!

Children: (start mumbling to each other).

Teacher: It is.... SUPER BACON!!!

Children: Yeah!!

(Super Bacon walks out of some curtains).

SB: Hello Everyone!!

Children: Hello Super Bacon!

SB: Now I know you all want to get on with your exams!

Children: No!!

SB: Oh OK , well I am here to talk to you. On Ravage I'm up against Syndicate and Darkness. So Syndicate, he is the undisputed champion of WWX, he mocked me as he didn't understand the simplest thing. I said that he has never faced Rayne alone. There was always someone there that would stop Rayne from winning. But now he has someone on his team and you have someone on yours, it evens the playing grounds. Syndicate more like BINdicate! You have had your time and now its mine. Me and Rayne will make you rethink even coming into this tag tournament! Now children what I am saying to you is Rayne and I will overcome and do the best we can just like you will in this exam!

Children: Yeah!!

SB: Now Darkness. Yeah, Former Undisputed champion of WWX. Well he hasn't said much about me, has he! He just talked about his stupid little match at Holiday Hell! He has insulted you Rayne, and I'm not very happy about that. He never mentioned me. Cos he thinks I'm not even a threat in this match. Well if he thinks that then he won't notice me. I will take advantage of that! I have trained my hardest for this match and you won't stop Rayne and I getting into the finals of this tag team tournament! 

Children: Yeah you will! (Chant)

SB: Now everyone I wish you luck with your exams! Do you have any questions!

(Child puts their hand up).

SB: You there with the blonde hair!

Child 1: How are you planning to win this match?

SB: Well I am going to hit them with as many moves as I can get in and I'm not gonna stop until they are kissing the mat!

(A child puts their hand up)

SB: Over at the back!

Child 2: What are 2 physical reasons why you should 'cool down' after excersize?

SB: Now, now no cheating!

Child 2: Sorry.

SB: Anymore? 

(Nobody puts their hand up)

SB: Nobody? OK I must be off I have to go train! Now if you ever want to ask anymore questions or talk, then come over to the Bacon Building or phone my workers and they will put you over to me!

(He begins to walk off)

SB: Oh and two more things. Good luck in your exams and wish me luck. Thankyou!!!

Children: Bye!!

Teacher: Thankyou Mr Bacon. Now everybody your test will begin in 5 minutes so quickly read through your excersize books for a bit of last minute revision!

(They all get their books out and begin to read)

(Cameras fade to black).

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