Tag, WVM's it?

On Fri, Feb02, 2018 11:21pm America/Phoenix
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Tag, WVM's it?
What a week it's been.  From facing Kurtis Ray to, just wondering on who he'll face next.  Things have been rough for the West Virginian.  This week, a tag team match awaits him.  Let's listen to him about that. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: The late night is settlin' in, baby!  West Virginia Mountaineer has one last UnPepsi for the road, so to speak.  Kurtis Ray, you have to admit that the newest, roughest match on your list involves the man from the 304.  

Mountaineer takes a quick drink. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: West Virginia Mountaineer isn't gonna light though. Not gonna tell you what you know isn't true.  In the ring, you have to be ready for anything and, frankly, West Virginia Mountaineer felt way too good about his chances last week at victory.  So, when Kurtis Ray hit his hangover, gonna have to admit, West Virginia Mountaineer went to the WWX doctor this week and they just barely passed me for this match coming on.  

Mountaineer sighs. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: That ain't stopped West Virginia Mountaineer before, and won't stop him for Ravage.  Tanno White, you think you're the guiding light?  We'll see.  Didn't we wrestle before and didn't West Virginia Mountaineer beat you?  Anyway, White and Mountaineer gonna take a lot of time to beat up on the Devine Bacon team.  West Virginia Mountaineer can only say that WWX just threw this together because they felt sorry for someone.  It wasn't West Virginia Mountaineer, he'll tell ya that much!  

Mountaineer takes a final gulp of his drink and crushes the can with his hand, letting it fall to the ground. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: If you have to start again, and call it that from West Virginia Mountaineer's viewpoint, then so be it.  Want to see West Virginia Mountaineer find a partner and go after tag gold?  Send me letter, folks!  Question is:  who's right to fight side-by-side with West Virginia Mountaineer, good days or bad days?  If you want to be the tag partner for the Mountain State Madman, you too, can get a hold of me.  Until then, West Virginia Mountaineer plans to make some magic on Ravage, baby!  Let's Go! 

Fade to black.

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