Take Two

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Sep26, 2017 6:07pm America/Phoenix
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Take Two
The scene was busy backstage at a WWX house show. It was a whole new setting for Fozzy Ozbourne to get used to. He sits on a metal crate watching the scene unfold, a camera crew is setting up equipment in preparation of Fozzy's first REAL promo. According WWX management, harassing backstage interviewers and cameramen are frowned upon and Fozzy is not allowed to hijack a camera crew and perform a poorly shot promo. He is wearing his entrance attire consisting of a leopard print fur coat and big goofy white framed sunglasses with his ring attire underneath. So many times has Fozzy had to do this before, introduce himself to a whole new audience and successfully debut in a new promotion. Some tend to crack under pressure but this is not Fozzy's first walk in the park.

One of the producers tell Fozzy it will be a few more minutes before they can starting shooting. He gives a nod to the producer and continues to wait, thoughts of his past career race through his mind as well as starting over working for WWX.

'Here I am again, starting over in a new company. Will I cut it here? Do I have what it takes to compete here in WWX? I don't even know why I doubt myself I've been to the top of mountain a few times before. I've managed to defeat champions that were supposedly unbeatable. I got to have a strong showing here in WWX or I will get lost in the shuffle forgotten and obscure. I've seen it happen all too many times before a superstar will debut and lose their debut match and fade away after a couple more losses. I'm not going to let that happen I'm not going to go from being the king of the mountain to some dark match slacker put on the card as a filler. NO! I came here to further build my legacy as a pro wrestler. I've learned quite a bit in the 15 years I've been a professional wrestler and as much as I want to brag about my past accomplishments in different promotions I know for a fact nobody is going to give a shit. That's how it goes in this business you're only as good as your last match. It doesn't matter about all the different titles I've won all that matters is what I do here in WWX from this point on. I have to somehow find a way to stand out above the rest"

Fozzy's thought is interrupted by one of the producers who tells him they are ready to shoot the his promo whenever he is. He nods and gets up off the metal crate positioning himself in front of the camera and lights. The camera pans over to the slender and small frame of Fozzy Ozbourne, still wearing his ridiculous leopard print fur coat and goofy sunglasses. A WWX banner displayed prominently in the background. Fozzy's face is emotionless... Then a smirk.... A evil menacing smile is on his face.

FOZZY- Well well well here I am starting over in World Wrestling Xistence. By the way my name is Fozzy Ozbourne The Trend Killer and I plan on being a huge pain in everybody's ass.... In my line of work a lot of terms get tossed out there. "Jobber" "Over" "Babyface" "Heel" "Heat" "Gimmick" "Mark" "Shoot" "Work" Any true fan knows what these terms mean and the ones that don't are the ones I don't give a sh*t about.

The producer starts flailing his arms signalling for Fozzy to cut it out with the swearing. Fozzy with a big smile on his face shakes his head NO.

FOZZY- Oh.... I'm being told not to swear. Fu*k off buddy I'll do what I want when I want to do it. It seems my whole career people have been trying to tell me what to do. What to say and what not to say. I've been scolded before by supposed legends of the wrestling world that I'm not supposed to use those terms I said before in promos. That those terms are only for people within the wrestling business and not to be used so freely.

Fozzy starts mocking said legends while he's talking.

FOZZY- You'll never hear a wrestler call another wrestler a jobber on camera that's just unheard of.

Fozzy smirks and shakes his head.

FOZZY- Well fu*k that I'll use whatever terms I want to I'll say and do whatever I please. You know why? Because in my 15 years in this business I've seen a lot of trends and fads I've seen a lot of gimmicks. I've seen how this sideshow circus lifestyle can turn any man into a obsessed animal. I myself have rode the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I have paid my dues in full and if anybody in WWX thinks for one second that I'm some rookie pushover well they're gonna learn quickly that I'm not.

FOZZY- I may be the smallest dog in the fight but I'm definitely the toughest. Chalk full of grit and ready to rip your face off. I've faced myths and legends, top contenders and champions, men and women, freaks and midgets, trends and fads. I've kept up with them all proving you don't have to be 6 foot something weighing over 240 pounds. I mean look at the reality of this business when you are done in the ring, those muscle bound slabs of meat break down when you're older. ME? I keep going I endure whatever is thrown before me. Like I said I've paid my dues I've done the stupid gimmicks I've scratched and clawed my way to where I am now NOT BY kissing ass or being a team player but by proving without a shadow of a doubt that I'm the better competitor.

FOZZY- Yeah I'm Fozzy Ozbourne but let me kill the mystic about it and tell you why. My real name is Christopher Fairlight THERE! Broke character and I don't care because Fozzy Ozbourne is a brand I represent. Trust me I've heard all the insults before... Fozzy Ozbourne well then WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA, like Fozzy Bear. Yeah HA HA heard it a million times, while my opponents can't get over on how much I have a stupid name I come into the ring a little skinny guy and wind up defeating them. I would say 9 times outta 10 I'm the smaller competitor and I make these muscle bound drones look weak. Besides I turned that stupid insult into merchandise gold.

Fozzy opens up his fur coat revealing his custom made Fozzy Ozbourne t-shirt that says ROCKA ROCKA ROCKA with Fozzy Bear dressed as Ozzy Osbourne on it.

FOZZY- You know.... I'm not afraid to try new things or take risks. Sometimes I may run my mouth a little too much or say things people don't like. I don't care much about breaking the rules in order to get a win either. I'm your typically classic heel but everybody will soon realize I'm so much more than that. You see... I never endeared myself to the fans or superstars alike I run in a wolf pack of one and I'm a bit of a introvert. But once the spotlight hits me man I'm totally Fozzy Ozbourne, it's like auto pilot and I'll do anything for the boos of the crowd. I must like playing the part of scapegoat or something because when people boo me I like to shove it right back up their ass by beating whatever punk ass wannabe they put in front of me.

FOZZY- I've witnessed it first hand over the last 15 years professional wrestling fans are the most stupidly fickle people in the world. HOW DARE I SAY SUCH A THING? But it's true, when you want them to cheer you they boo you. When you want them to boo you they cheer you. So I realized early on in my career not to pander to the fans and more or less worry about my in ring ability. This coming Fury I make my in ring debut and I'll have the chance to show everybody why I am a bad motherfu*ker.

Fozzy takes a moment to gather his thoughts as he lifts the sunglasses off his nose and puts em up to his hairline.

FOZZY- Luke Jairus you have the unfortunate duty of being the fall guy, my stepping stone so to speak. As I was watching World Series something stopped me in tracks. Something incredibly profound NO! It wasn't the great action or the multiple rings of action no no. It was how BAD your performance was. Another Lucha wannabe fumblefu*king around on the top rope. How did that work out for you? OH YA YOU LOST! Now you're floundering around in the Television championship division. You seem like you can't reach that brass ring no matter how many opportunities you get. Now it makes sense to me as to why WWX management wants me in this division, They want me to save this division from the hacks like you. No wonder they wanted me to start after World Series I would have dominated the whole thing. Let me ask you a question. Are you supposed to be some big bad guy that calls himself a heel? From what I've seen you're a |BLEEP|cat cheerleader with a bad red mask. A disgrace to Lucha tradition a disgrace to your family I'm sure. A young happy go lucky upstart that can't get anywhere. Well I hate to break it to ya, it ain't getting much better for you facing the likes of me.

Fozzy's face lights up with intensity as he points to his eyes with his left hand.

FOZZY- With a fire in my eyes I'm telling you Luke Jairus I've already beat you. I'm looking past you and on to something you can't seem to accomplish The WWX Television Championship I'll just rely on my superior talent to carry me thru the match as I send you on your path of obscurity. I look at the current roster in WWX and I'm pretty confident that I can hang with anybody here but not only hang with them but beat them. The WWX roster better take note cause there's a new superstar in town and soon enough everybody will find out that you can't stop rock and roll and you can't stop Fozzy Ozbourne.

Fozzy smirks then walks off set as the scene fades.


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