Take your train, code, machine, and empire..and shove it

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Take your train, code, machine, and empire..and shove it
[The camera opens up showing what appears to be an old brick building. A wooden table sits with a metal chair and a lamp on the table lighting the room just enough to show the table. Nothing is heard for a few moments as footsteps come in from the distance. Rayne sites down at the table and stares into the camera, his face straight as can be].

Rayne: Fancy scenes, catchy phrases, at the end of the day, none of that sh*t matters. What matters is sheer, raw, aggression. Most of you have been sitting and listening to each and every one of us talking about our matches at Hall of Pain, what we are going to do, who we are going to face, what we are going to accomplish, but what does it all really mean? Why does it all really matter that you see us talking about all this?!

[Rayne leans back in the chair for a moment not speaking and then leans forward to continue].

Rayne: Tonight, there aren't going to be any flashy lights, there aren't going to be any catch phrases, there is going to be realness. You want to talk about being real, lets start with the one who has decided that its his turn to resurface on television, Kurtis Ray. Ray, I don't think memory has served you very well but in case you don't remember, let me help you. Last week, LAST WEEK, Fill and I put you down and ended you in the tag team tournament. Outside of that match, you haven't shown your face for ANYTHING! You want to talk about how great you are, how you are going to get your way to the top, I am afraid that your "train" is about to take another hard derail. The ONLY advantage that you have coming into this is that there are four other guys that recognize that I am one of the biggest threats in this match, and they are going to try and take me out because of it. Ray, you HAVE been world champion, you HAVE beat top wrestlers in this company, but all of that is in the past. This is the present, and in the future, you are going to be nothing more than mat fodder underneath my boots. Talk all you want, choo choo your way all over the da*n earth. But at the end of the day, we all know that the ONLY we hope that you can accomplish from here on is shoving your fist further up your as* so that way you can shove it in your mouth and shut it. Just be careful, don't poke yourself in the eye. 

[Rayne lets out a small laugh as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Lets move on to the other man of the hour, the power performer himself rivaling Mariah carey in her Christmas performance, janet Jackson during her infamous nipple slip, Justin Beiber while he was pis*ing in the janitors bucket, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Kode of Silence himself, Krimzon Blaze. Blaze, you want to talk about how I cant get to you, how I cant beat you?! You pathetic moron. I know that coming back and forth has messed with your mind, but you tend to forget that the one encounter that we have had, you BARELY beat me. You BARELY took me out, and the ONLY reason that you did was because you had the help of the general manager. This time around, there will be no help for you. This time around, there will be no saving grace. Like Ray, you want to talk about the past the things that you used to accomplish. I don't have to talk about any of that because I have accomplished plenty this time around. I have taken out EVERYONE that I have came after, be it one time or another. Some have gotten the best of me through one way or another, but the fact of the matter remains that I have always come back and won. This time around will be no different. I will take you out. I will take that case, go to the top, and face whoever is waiting there for me. That road starts with you. Your "Kode" is nothing to me. It is nothing to anyone anymore because it simply isn't relevant. you go on about like Ray spouting some nonsense or singing a song and then say oh yeah, lets focus on my match. You get a quick jab in on your opponents and call it a day. I hope you save that pretty voice of yours for something other than wrestling, because you are going to need it when you are done here. The pain you are about to feel is going to be legendary. I cannot wait to deliver what escaped you before. You face a new man, a new legend, not some rookie who was just breaking in his boots, but a veteran that has ascended the mountain, climbed back down to enjoy the view, and has his boots on to climb again. Be ready, because the Kode is going to be broken. 

[Rayne leans back and runs his hands through his hair as he continue speaking].

Rayne: Whos next. Ah..yes, Xavier Pendragon. Pendragon, you are more than a fool. For the last few segments that have been shot, you have repeated yourself using big words that im pretty confident you don't even know the meaning of. You want to know how I am going to reclaim my throne? I am going to start by beating "The Machine" twice in one night. You continue to try and be creative, hold onto that little glimmer of hope that one day you may achieve something more than being the shadow to Maxfield Stanton, the desk rider to every GM that comes around you, the walking rug to your wife who has been achieving far more success than you have. All of these things can play into why I tell you to hang it up. The reason you don't know the meaning of the words is because you aren't smart enough to know them. Just because it "rains" doesn't mean that you need to talk about me. That one has been overdone by all of you inbasuls that have nothing better to come up with than to play that "oh so clever" use of my name. For the love of god man, come up with something more creative. I expect more out of you. I know you are used to getting your head drove into the mat, but I would think that you could try harder. I would say there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. You could donate your brain to science, but like everything else in your life, you would lose at that too, theres an IQ requirement. 

[Rayne puts his elbows onto the table as a sick smile comes across his face].

Rayne: Damian Price...first off...welcome. Unlike most of the other men in this match, you are one that I have waited to see. You are one that I have waited to come back for one reason. I wanted to beat you again. You can talk about being in a dominant "tag team" and so on so forth, try and turn my partner and I against each other, but the fact is you are far too late. Fill and I are comfortable. While you were gone watching everyone you love leave you and your life go to shambles, respectively where it should have stayed, you decided to miss what would come in as one of the most brutal rivalries as he and I fought to the almost death! You want to talk about how no one wants to see me, what makes you think I CARE?! You are the stop on my road before going onto race for the case. You are the thing standing in my way for the tag team championships and bringing them back home for When Worlds Collide. Hall of Pain begins the rebirth of When Worlds Collide as the dominant faction in WWX. We will write history beginning at Hall of Pain. So when we add you to the list of those left behind, the "Land of misfit toys" as we were referred to, you can go home to your lonesome life, cry yourself to sleep, and pretend that for a moment, A MOMENT, that you were somebody. The "empire" is going to crumble just like your neck.  The truck that hit you will be nothing like what you are going to face when you step back into the ring with me. 

[Rayne continues to have that sick smile as he looks directly into the camera].

Rayne: The rest of my opponents don't deserve my mention or my time. You all continue to talk about the past, as have I. But the difference between the past and the present is that I have evolved. I have become bigger, stronger, faster, smarter. When Hall of Pain goes off the air, the only thing that will be remembered is how the four most dominant men in WWX came in and stole the show. The four most dominant men took over Hall of Pain, took over the WWX, and reign supreme. I want all of you to take a moment and ask yourself, the man staring at this camera, ready to look you in the face, took his best friend to hell when we weren't even mad at each other. We damn near killed each other. IMAGINE...JUST IMAGINE...WHAT ILL DO TO YOU. 

[Rayne stands up and pushes the chair out of the way. He walks into the darkness as the scene fades to black].

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