Taking Out The Trash... Literally

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Thu, Dec28, 2017 9:56pm America/Phoenix
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Taking Out The Trash... Literally
{El Paso, Texas. The camera comes to life inside a court room. Judge Roberts sits on the bench with his bailiff to the left of him. Darkness is seen sitting with the public defender assigned to him. The state prosecutor, Ms. Jones, sits adjacent to them. Judge Roberts bangs his gavel to begin the trail.}

Judge Roberts: Mr. Darkness, I'm pretty sure you know why you are here. You have been charged by WWX and Mr. Ranger for trespassing. How  do you plea?

Public Defender: My client pleads guilty, sir.

Judge Roberts: If you have nothing else to add Ms. Jones, I shall proceed to the sentencing phase.

Ms. Jones: No sir. The state has nothing else to add.

{Judge Roberts nods his heads and looks over at the bailiff which is his cue.}

Bailiff: Will the defendant please rise.

{Darkness stands up alongside the public defender.}

Judge Roberts: Per your plea,  I hereby fine you ten thousand dollars and two hundred hours of community service. You will serve that community service in what ever city you are in with the WWX. Court adjourned.

{Judge Roberts bangs his gavel as he gets up and exits the court room followed by the bailiff. Ms. Jones exits, followed by the public defender and Darkness. Darkness blows off the public defender as he heads the other way.}

Darkness: I guess Ranger got the last laugh this time. He puts me in a six man tag match for Ravage with the other guys competing for the Undisputed championship. Now on top of that instead of preparing for the match when  I get to Corpsi Christi I will have to serve community service. I will be serving food and picking up trash as my opponents prepare themselves for a fight of their lives.

{Darkness continues down the hallway to the exit door.}

Darkness: Syndicate, here we are again. Stuck on the same team again. Although this time will be different. Unlike last time, this time you will not get the sneak attack on me. I will be watching you closely like a hawk. Try anything and it will be the last thing you do. I know we can work together but the one I'm worried about is you Rex. You have shown over the past few weeks that you are unpredictable to say the least. So make sure you sty on the same page with Syndicate and I or Tommy will be the least of your troubles.

{Darkness exits the court house and is met by a couple of fans. Darkness blows by them and makes his way to his car.}

Darkness: Mention the name Tommy and what comes to mind. The New Order, Blood Pack, or maybe a gay bar in he middle of a high profile match. A match that ended only because my knee gave out. You know Tommy I have never been able to beat you but as they say things change and that change is coming sooner than you think. It will be my personal mission on Ravage to make sure I'm the one to eliminate you. Don't worry Rex, I will let you get in a few licks first.

{Darkness makes it to his car but pauses before he gets in.}

Darkness: Kurtis and Rayne don't think for a minute that I forgot about the two num nuts that squeezed their way into my match at Holiday Hell. Now I know you two are still hurt over the fact that I ruined your chances to claim stake to the Undisputed championship but imagine how your asses are going to feel when  I do it again at Holiday Hell.  I know what your thinking Rayne. How can I beat you when I can't even beat anybody else. Well Rayne, you worry to much about a simple losing than worrying about winning the one that counts the most like I do. Yeah, you beat me but what did that match matter? Nothing.... nothing mattered about that match. It was just a match. Nothing on the line. So  I lost. I still had my spot at Holiday Hell but don't get me wrong I still like to win and win I will do at Ravage along side one of my opponents at Holiday Hell and the man looking to become the number one contender to my Undisputed championship. 

{Darkness opens the driver side door to the black Dodge Charger and slides into the driver seat. Darkness makes himself comfortable and then starts the engine. A loud rumble can be heard as the engine starts up.}

Darkness: Now it is time to head to Corpsi Christi and take out the trash... literally.

{Darkness shuts door and speeds off, squeeling the tires, as the camera fades.}

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