Taking the motherland

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Fri, May26, 2017 8:45pm America/Phoenix
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Taking the motherland
[The camera shows the WWX crowd in their seats as they await the action to start. As they are waiting "The Fight Song" hits over the pa system. The fans give mixed reactions as they await the arrival of Rayne. The music continues for a moment as no one appears to come out. The music slowly dies out as the fans stare around at each other confused. Soon after, all the lights in the arena turn out again. The Russian National Anthem begins blaring over the pa system as the fans wonder what is happening. In the middle of the ring, the words "Rossiya Suyashchennaya Nasha Derzhava" appear in the ring as a loud crash can be heard. A single white light turns on as a metal cross falls to the left side of the ring. On the cross, the Russian flag draped on it. The words Khoklov can be seen etched into the metal with two straps placed on each end of the cross. Soon after, the music stops as the cross slowly swings back and forth. "8 Mile Road" By Eminem begins blaring over the pa system. The fans look to the stage expecting to see Pendragon make an appearance, but no one comes out. Once again, a loud thud is heard as a cross much like the other falls to the right of the ring. Etched with "Pendragon" and the same straps placed on both sides, the music suddenly stops. The other cross swings back and forth for a moment as a third white light comes on in the ring. "The Fight Song" begins blaring over the pa system again as the camera turns towards the stage. The loud thud is heard once more as the camera goes to the ring. Rayne can be seen standing on the corner of one of the crosses, hanging on as he comes down. With "Arch Angel" carved into this one, he walks over and grabs a mic and a chair, going back to the center of the ring. He walks over and sets it up by the cross, taking a seat as the fans stand silent. He puts on a sick smile as he begins speaking].

Rayne: Whats the matter? Expecting someone else?! 

[Donning the same hooded outfit he has been seen in other places, he brushes the hood back and continues speaking].

Rayne: You wait...and you wait...and you wait...and for what? I told them right after mayhem what my intentions were, what my thoughts were on everything. I told them exactly what I planned to do, and only hoped...no...PRAYED that one of them would have the testicular fortitude required to come forth and even say something. And you all know what I got? DO you have any idea what I got? Disappointment. Sheer, utter, sickening, disappointment. 

[Rayne adjusts himself in the chair as he looks to the left and right sides of him, the same lights on both crosses as he looks up at the light on him].

Rayne: You see, as I was doing this, I have obviously been busy. *Points at crosses* As the arch angel, I needed to show these two men what they are getting into. I needed them to see what it is they are going to be walking into, and what I intend to do to them in alittle more depth. I waited for you all to prove me wrong, show me that you had a spine, but neither of you did. One of you used someone else to speak for you, which I totally understand, cause standing like the behemoth you are and getting dropped by someone almost three hundred pounds less than you could be embarrassing to your always fractured ego. Not to mention, I feel like you are kind of an idiot and cant speak English anyway, and god forbid someone get Immigrations on the phone, because we don't want this place to get fined right?!

[Rayne laughs as the fans give mixed reactions. He stands up and walks over towards Pendragons cross. He pulls on the strap to check how secure they are as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Ah...Pendragon. You try to proclaim yourself as a legend around here, and maybe at one time you were something more than what you are now. However, legend doesn't quite fit you. I can think of other things that you could be called that might fit you better. How about...coward...wimp...has been...washed up...useless...pathetic...should I continue? You see, I watched you come out last week and talk about all the things that you were going to do to Khoklov and now here you are again against him, getting the chance to not only exact revenge on him that you didn't get to, but also the person that laid you flat out with a hammer and what do you do? What do you say? Nothing. And I know that there are camera men everywhere around here. I know that there are microphones. I know these things work see?! *taps head of mic* Works just fine. But you decide that its better not to show. So I can give you a good job on that. You listened to what I said for the most part. Now all I can ask is that maybe you don't show up to this ring, don't let me use this cross for you. Not because you are nothing more than cannon fodder in this score I have to settle, but because I don't want to have to see you go out like this. I think you still have a good match or two left in you, and I don't want me to be the end of the road not because I like you. You are worthless to me. But simply because you have nothing in this and were unfairly thrown in. None the less, you aren't the one I really came to talk about tonight.

[Rayne walks over towards the other cross. He reaches over grabbing the flag and holding it above his head. He studies it for a moment and then drapes it back across. He runs his hand across the name as he continues speaking].

Rayne: You...you are the one that I am after. You took the one person that I still have by my side after all this time and tried to end him. You tried your hardest to make sure that he did not come back, did not succeed, and for what? What did he do in order to get to you?! What did he do that made you want to do that?! Well, regardless of what your answers are, you have made your bed, and now its time to lay in it. You see, we have had quite the controversy with our homelands. Mine being here in the good ol USA and yours being the motherland Russia. I heard that moron that speaks for you say that no one tried to get to you because you ran the streets and so forth. I understand you had to find a new profession because street walker wasn't cutting it for you, but that doesn't mean that you had to come into my sights. That didn't mean that you had to make the worst possible mistake of your life and come at me...but you have. You see, I came at you. I came knocking on your door. I came right through it and took you out. You tried to take me down and failed. You left me there. And that's where you messed up. Now you are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, and the trigger is about to be pulled. In just a few short hours, you are going to see what it is like to have your streets taken from you. In this match, my intentions are nothing more than blood. Winning is of no measure to me. I plan to strap you to this cross, send you to the heavens, and hope that someone has mercy on your poor pathetic soul because I can promise you this...I wont. 

[Rayne walks back over to his seat and folds it up throwing it out of the ring. He walks towards his cross and stands near it. He raises the mic to continue speaking].

Rayne: Tonight, I take the motherland. I take what is mine and that is your career. I take all that is important to you. Pendragon, do me a favor. Kiss those you love. Tell them that you are going to be okay, LIE TO THEM! Tell them that everything will be alright when we all know it wont be. Take my advice. Stay back. Don't come out here. If you do, you will meet the same fate that this fool will. I will see you both soon. Enjoy your final hours, because that is all that's left. The Silent Assassin is ready for whatever comes his way, but the arch angel makes sure that you go down. Its the Rayne boys...and soon...you will feel it!

[Rayne reaches onto his cross as it raises into the air. The other two stay in the ring as the camera fades to black].

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