Talking Strategy

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 4:58am America/Phoenix
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Talking Strategy
[We are greeted to a shot of Damian Price, accompanied by Penelope Creed. The two are talking as they walk through the hallways of the American Bank Center, the site of the Final Ravage of 2017.]

Price: This guy has a freaking office job? What the hell?

Creed: I know, it's a little ridiculous, but with everything up in the air on the TV Title front, the last thing we can afford is to take anyone lightly.

Price: I hear you, Penny. But really? I'm up against a rookie again? This guy has had 2 matches. And he's only won one.

Creed: Yeah, I hear you. But that win was against Euan Milton. And look, I know you don't like Milton. You and he have had your differences, I know. But he's not nobody. He can hold his own. If you make the same mistake Euan did and you take this kid lightly, he could beat you. So don't give him the opportunity. Beat the sh*t out of this kid, yeah?

Price: Yeah--

[Price looks to his side, seemingly noticing the camera crew for the first time.]

Price: Really? Do you guys need interviews that badly? I can't even talk strategy with my manager?

Creed: Fine. You need a statement? How about this one? We told you so, Ranger. We told you Fozzy wasn't championship material, that he would run like a coward as soon as he faced real competition. And what happened? As soon as you put him up against a serious threat in Willie Steen, without any way to run or hide or steal a win like he had in every match up until, he runs.

Price; But you know what? I'm not even concerned about that. Before I have to deal with that situation, I have to get past Ravage. Which means Jarvis Valentine. And yeah, he's a rookie, but like Penny put it when you were eavesdropping on us, he's a talented rookie. It's just a shame that he's not gonna get to show off any of that talent this week.

Creed: Jarvis, this week you are facing someone the likes of which you've never faced before. You are stepping in the ring with The King of Professional Wrestling; Damian Price. A man who has held gold in every company he has ever stepped foot in. At Ravage, you are in the way of Damian Price taking his place as the rightful WWX Television Champion. I suggest you stay at the office for this one, Jarvis. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have strategy to talk over before our match.

[With that, Damian and Penelope walk down the hallway as the scene fades to black.]

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