Tanno, and everyone else.

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Sat, Mar10, 2018 12:46pm America/Phoenix
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Tanno, and everyone else.
Scene opens at Hawks Field in Lincoln, Nebraska where the Husker baseball team is taking on Cal Poly. The game has already started with Cal Poly up one in the first. We see Jarvis seating at one of the picnic tables above the berm along the third base line. Next to him is his fiance Summer. Jarvis has his laptop open and appears to be keeping track of stats. 

Summer: Not a good start to their first home stand. 

Jarvis: No kidding! Hell they havenít lost a home opener since the seventies! 

Summer: Oh, well, anyways, it is nice seeing you again. Been a little while. Everything ok with you?

Jarvis: Yea, Iím good.

Summer: I beg to differ Honey. I never seen you so pissed like I did last week when you took a chair to Steen.

Jarvis: Yea, well, shit happens. That title should be around my waist; everyone knows that. Also everyone knows that I am one of six men who will compete inside the elimination chamber for that belt at Armada! 

Summer: I heard that baby. Thatís exciting! I also seen where if Steen wins, he gets a World title shot..

Jarvis looks over at Summer and chuckles.

Jarvis: Steen doesnít deserve a World title shot. There are a few other men in front if him that deserve a World title shot, and one of them is named, Korath! 

Summer: I thought you were upset about your loss?

Jarvis: I am. Iím beyond pissed. But that guy deserves a shot, and I am sure he will get one in the future!

Nebraska gets out of the top of the first and get the bats going right away as they score four fast runs to take the lead. 

Jarvis: There you go Huskers!

The crowd in Hawke Field is all rowdy now as they take the lead.

Summer: Who do you have to face this week?

Jarvis: Well, you see. Our former International champ didnít sign a new contract, so Ranger announced a tournament leading up to the ppv. Hex girl, Steen, Kurtis, Darkness, Tanno and yours truly!

Summer covers her mouth and gaps (Oh my god she says) as Jarvis gets a smile while talking.

Jarvis: And Next week I am facing off with Tanno in a preview match. But just think about this. Last month I had the chance to get three wins and a title. And somehow I [bleeping] blew it. This time though, I have the chance of having two match, and both of them being for a WWX Championship. 

Summer puts her arms out and hugs and kisses Jarvis with her excitement for him. 

Jarvis: After this preview match, which could possibly be the finals, Iíll be having my first match in the tourney with the winner of Hex Girl and Steen. And by god, Steen better hope he loses to Hex, because I donít know if he would be ready for the Elimination Chamber after the beating Iíll give him. 

You see people cheering and all excited as huskers take a seven to one lead in the bottom of the second.. 

Summer: Do you know much about Tanno?

Jarvis: Well, ever since I have been in WWX, All I can see is a whiny little bitch who is still living in the past. See, I guess he used to be the General Manager in WWX. And he talks a lot of nothing on our little heat board. He complains constantly about how things are ran and done around here. Honestly, I think Mr. Ranger is doing a fine job. I really don't see what some people's problem is with him. He is a pretty fair man. 

Anyways, back to Tanno. I could really care less about his past. I have another chance to have a pay per view with multiple matches. I am already in one, the second one I have win to get in. However it ends, I plan on one of those two final spots to be mine. 

Summer: Say you do beat Hex or Steen to get to the finals. Who do you hope to face in the finals?

Jarvis: You know, I donít care. It can be Kurtis, Tanno, or Darkness. So whoever it is, I will be ready for them. Iím ready for Tanno now. Hell if he showed his face here, I would kick his ass all over this ballpark. 

And all I have to say to TannoÖ wait, I think I shall change his name to Tanya. 

Summer giggles as even more runs score as it is now 9-1.

Jarvis: So, the only thing for Tanya. Hope he is ready for a fight. I general pissed that I am now six and four here in WWX. Iíll do whatever, and I do mean WHATEVER it takes to beat Tanya!

Jarvis stares deep into Summers eyes. She gets a concerned look on her face before Jarvis smiles suddenly.


Summer: GO BIG RED!!

The camera pans back as Jarvis and Summer continue to watch the onslaught of Cal Poly as the scene fades to black.

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