Tanno, at last

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Fri, Feb02, 2018 8:11pm America/Phoenix
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Tanno, at last
The scene opens to the outside of Jake Devine's Los Angeles mansion. His black Ferrari California is parked in the driveway. The camera shifts to the familiar setting of Jake's private gym. Jake is seen doing push-ups shirtless, sweat dripping from his body. He hasa water bottle by his side, and a towel wrapped around his neck. He looks at the camera, but doesn't smile.

Jake: I am frustrated. For the second week in a row, someone had to get involved with my match at the Crusade Cup. This is ridiculous. First off, no one believes I could defeat Bob Mellon on my own anymore. And second, Bob Mellon was not paying attention to me. That's why he lost. I wasn't even worth his full attention. Do you know how humiliating it is to not even be worth someone's time, and still come out looking bad? It sucks and I hate it. Thankfully there is no one who would interfere in my semifinals match against the winner of Price vs Jarvis. Right?

Jake finishes his push-ups and jumps to his feet. He takes a sip of his water bottle, and grabs the towel to wipe out his forehead.

Jake: Now, at Ravage, I will take part in a different match. I will team up with *sigh* Super Bacon, to take on an old friend of mine, Tanno Waters, and a new friend, West Virginia Mountaineer. God, what a name. Well anyway. Anyone who has watched WWX for the past year knows I have some problems with Tanno. Back when he was made GM, I gained the WWX Television championship from Nero Moore. And, of course, Tanno was jealous of my success. He outright stole the belt. I couldn't hold my own championship belt for more than 15 seconds before he took it away from me.

Jake takes another sip of his bottle. He has stress written all over his face. He walks to the rack and picks up two dumbbells and starts exercising.

Jake: And you know what's even worse? The coward ran away from me, before I could face him. He called Chris Paradise to help Nero win the belt back from myself, and then they both disappeared. That was frustrating. I couldn't get my hands around his throat like I wanted. Now, it's time to let out all my stress though. Don't think I have forgotten what you done in the past, Tanno. I will pay back everything you ever did for me.

Jake puts the dumbbells back in the rack, and walks to the treadmills. The threadmill starts slowly, and Jake speeds up to the point he's running.

Jake: My other opponent, West Virginia Mountaineer. What a name. The fact he talks in third person is...rather creepy to be honest, but still, I'm not impressed by the man. I haven't seen enough of him to know what he's capable of. He beat Frank Warren once, but that was an easy match honestly. When put against Kurtis Ray, he struggled and was quickly eliminated from the tournament. The guy is pretty big, I'll give him that. But...he's not threatening. Korath is threatening, he's a giant wall of muscles. WVM is...a guy with a beer belly. 

Jake: You know who I'm really worried about here, though? Super Bacon. The man's nuttier than squirrel poop, and he's hella unpredictable. I don't know if I can trust him to be my partner. But ad long as he's not dragging me down, I figure we'll be fine and able to take the win home. And I need all the momentum I can possibly get for the Crusade Cup semifinals. That would be all. I can't wait to finally get to kick Tanno's sorry butt in my hometown, none the less. And WVM, you'll learn not to get in my way.

Jake hops off the treadmill and walks away from the gym and into the sauna. The scene fades to black.

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