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On Fri, Jan05, 2018 12:33pm America/Phoenix
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(The camera is set in a school corridor. SB and Dave are stood there. They begin to walk around checking the names of the classrooms. They finally find the right one and walk in).

(As they walk in the children gasp).

Miss Daniels: Hello Super Bacon. Hello Dave.

SB and Dave: Hello!

(They walk to the front of the class).

Miss Daniels: These Two are here to talk about what it is like to be a superhero, a wrestler and a manager!

(The children whisper and mutter to each other in excitement).

SB: Yes we are! Now first lets talk about what its like to be a Super Hero! Well first off it is very busy. There are lots of crimes and people in need of saving. It can also be very dangerous as there can sometimes be armed robbers or villains! It gives you a nice feeling when you save people. Now its time for me to tell you what it is like to be a wrestler!

(He takes a deep breath)

SB: First of. Who here would like to be a wrestler when you are older?

(5 kids put their hand up)

SB: OK! Well being a wrestler is very hard work. It is also very hard work being a superhero and a wrestler at the same time. Being a wrestler, I have to train most days and work my back side off! Now as you all, probably, now I am in a Television Title shot against Willie Steen. It is gonna be a tough fight. But... I am still gonna win and get my first championship ever!! And WHEN I win... I am gonna celebrate with some BACON!! Now does anyone have any questions?

(Some children put their hand up)

SB: First day your name and then your question and I will try and answer fully! You over there.

???: Hi I'm James. Why did you become a wrestler?

SB: Good question! I became a wrestler as I watched wrestling when I was a child, probably about your age James. I thought it would be cool and a good job to do. It also pays quite well. Next... Ah you in the corner.

???: Hi I'm Sarah. What is your favourite colour?

SB: My favourite colour is Blue. Good question Sarah. Last one. Miss Daniels can you choose please.

Miss Daniels: Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hi I'm Jimmy! What is your favourite match you were in?

SB: It probably is Super Bacon and Rayne vs Darkness and Syndicate. This is because we beat a former Undisputed champion and the current undisputed challenge. There were many surprises and big moves. And apparently the underdog, that's me, won it.

Miss Daniels: Thank you for your time.

SB: No problem! ... Bye kids!

(They walk out and into the corridor).

Dave: I didn't get to say anything!

(Camera fades to black).

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