Test of Endurance for Beatrice

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Wed, Jul19, 2017 1:14am America/Phoenix
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Test of Endurance for Beatrice
Beatrice and Xavier are seen coming out of the airport in Calgary. A taxi with "WWX" on its side doors spots the Pendragons and motions for them to come to the cab. The couple hop into the cab and ride away.

BEATRICE: You know Xavier, you didn't have to come to Calgary with me. I can handle myself in the ring quite well.

XAVIER: Well, there's someone on Ravage that has been talking for quite some time and saying that he's the reason that everyone's been coming to the shows. Someone needs to knock some sense into him.

BEATRICE: Fine. Do whatever you wanna do. Just don't interfere with my match against B.S.K. It's a chance for me to test my endurance and my physical power.

XAVIER: Since when have I ever interfered in your matches to help you win?

BEATRICE: I'm just saying. B.S.K. weights about 100lbs. more than I do and I know you. You'll be quick to defend me against someone like that. Against men like B.S.K., there's a reason my fans call me "the Gracefull Assassin". Not only that, I've been trained by several WWX legends, including yourself baby.

XAVIER: You do have a point. The Snipe Out is a tribute that you did for sPeD Eastin was a nice touch.

BEATRICE: Yeah it was.

Beatrice then turns to her window and goes into thought-

BEATRICE (to herself): This Friday here in Calgary, I am slated to face B.S.K in the opening match of Ravage. Sure, I've beaten the likes of Kailee and even Hex Girl in the past, but this is the first time in a long time I've been in the ring against someone on the male side of the roster. Statically speaking, he may be a few inches taller than me a lil' heavier than me and more than likely snap me like a twig if he really wanted to. But the main thing that most people forgot about, it's who I am. I am "The Graceful Assassin" Beatrice Tracy Pendragon. My versatile training from several WWX Legends has fans labelling me as one of the most dangerous female competitors on the main roster next to Hex Girl who is the reigning TV Champ. B.S.K., in two days, you step in the ring with me, Beatrice. Don't let my meager appearance fool you. I will fight you tooth and nail to get the win. If you forget anything else I have said today remember this: you are always a Snipe Out away from losing.

XAVIER: Babe? You okay?

Beatrice shakes her head and looks up, seeing the cab has stopped at a 5-star hotel.

BEATRICE: Sorry babe.

Xavier chuckles and cracks a rare smile.

XAVIER: It's okay hun.

Xavier then opens the door.

XAVIER: Let's go. We got some training to do.

The couple then gets out the cab and walks into the hotel as the cab driver drives away.

scene fades

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