That clock is ticking...

Roleplay Roleplay by SCOTT GRAYSE
On Fri, Apr20, 2018 5:42pm America/Phoenix
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That clock is ticking...
-Scene opens with Scott Grayse sitting at the table in his plush hotel room. In front of him are portraits of Willie Steen, Dragonfly, Twist, Jarvis Valentine, Damian Hendrix and Super Bacon. He analyzes these 6 pictures because these 6 wrestlers will face a catastrpohic event at Armada when they ALL loose and Scott Grayse walks out a 2 time TV Champion!-

Grayse: I see you Willie Steen, I see you hold that 15 pounds of gold with pride. I know you arenít going to let those grubby fingers loose anytime soon. So, looks like I will have to take it from you! You claim to be a smooth operator, well only smotth thing happen is how smooth it will be to take that belt and, once again, put it around my waist!

-Grayse imagines with a smile on his face.-

Grayse: I have not forgotten what it is like to represent WWX as a champion. I want those prestigious days back and the only way to get those back is to become TV Champion once again! 

-Grayse holds up Dragonflyís picture and smirks.-

Grayse: Ainít you the little fire cracker around here. You have this chip on your shoulder and that just makes me want to punch you in the face! You annoy me the most and whatever that is coming out your mouth is what the rest of you will look like after Im done with you! Dragonfly will get his wings cut off and grounded by the greatest technical wrestler alive!! ME!

-Grayse cracks his knuckles and removes his shades.-

Grayse: Twist, who the hell are you? You dont want to tell anyone who you are and you want to be this big mystery but your all hype with no delivery. Iíve seen your kind come and go in this business and quit frankly your as good as dust as I see it! Iím not worried about you in the least!!

-Grayse looks sinister as he can see the TV title in his hands.-

Grayse: Iíve held that belt before, I know what a prize that is to hold. You get more money, more tv time, more fame and everything that follows. I love that life and I will run through any of you to get it! I really hope you are all ready because when I bring Helen with meÖ.

-Grayse pulls a dusty, dirty hammer from his tights. He sets the hammer on the table, on top of all the picture of his opponents as the scene fades.-

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