The Aftermath of Mayhem..

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Wed, Jul19, 2017 1:54am America/Phoenix
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The Aftermath of Mayhem..
Announcer: And STILL WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion... SYNDICATE!

*Fast Forward to the present, Krimzon Blaze is seen having a drink on his couch in his home*

KB: Mayhem happened.

*KB sips his drink*

KB: Literally and figuratively.

Syndicate is indeed the real deal, and I don't say that about hardly anyone.


*KB looks right into the camera*

KB: Cam Westport...

What planet are you on?

*KB chuckles to himself*

KB: You clearly got pinned by Syndicate, and you make jokes at _MY_ expense claiming that you were "stomping Blaze into the ground"...

Need I remind you Cam, that _YOU_ were the one who got pinned by Syndicate, _NOT_ I.

And because of what has transpired, I'm now down in the rankings..

*KB sips his drink again*

KB: You think you're some main event star now Cameron... You aren't.

You've had one... count them...


One World Title match, and now you think your some Main Event Big Player?

Do I have to remind you once again it was _YOU_ that got pinned and _NOT_ me? 

But that is behind me now...

*KB sips his drink once more*

KB: I have to work my way back up the rankings in order to regain a World Title Shot...

I'm fine with that.

Syndicate, you barely escaped our match from Mayhem, but I guarantee you this...

It won't happen again.

*KB finishes his drink as the camera slowly fades to black*

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