The Afterthought

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Mon, May22, 2017 4:13pm America/Phoenix
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The Afterthought
[Cam Westport is sitting in the locker room after Mayhem. He is clearly upset after getting ditched by Kurtis Ray and getting pinned by Syndicate. He is unlacing his boots hastily as Brett Zayne approaches with a microphone.]

Zayne “Cameron, how are you feeling after a sour end to your hometown match?”

Cam “How am I feeling? You take a guess! I went in did my damage, pounded on Xavier for a bit then I tag out and what does my worthless partner do? Nothing! After I do all the work he comes in, lands some easy shots, and then runs away! It’s hard to believe that coward has ever gotten a title shot.”

[Cam gets hits boots off, then wipes his head with a towel, draping it over his shoulders.]

Zayne “Next week you’ve got an opportunity to exact some revenge on Kurtis Ray, what do you have in store for him then??

Cam “Well for both of our convenience maybe he could run away from this one too. Realistically I’ll do what I always do. Review tape, grind hard in the gym, then dismantle him on Mayhem and hit him with the W.”

Zayne “And what about this coming Friday on Ravage when you face 2 time former TV Champion Jake Devine?”

Cam “Bruh… we’re talking about Jake Devine right now? You’re gonna come in here and ask me about anything. Not Kurtis Ray, not Syndicate, not Lu’Andre Xavier, not the International Championship, not Atlanta, you’re gonna ask me about Jake Devine!? Review the tape. Grind Hard. Dismantle. Hit him with the W. Just like to everyone else in the world, to me Jake Devine is an after thought. I will drag him around by his pretty boy hair and just like those that came before him I will leave him in the dust on my ascension to being the best wrestler in the WWX.”

Zayne “Devine is a former champion, don’t you think he warrants more acknowledgement than that?”

Cam “Bruh… does he warrant….”

[Cam stands up, throws the towel on the ground and shoos Zayne as he packs his stuff and heads for the shower.]

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