The Age of Syndicate

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On Fri, Nov17, 2017 3:04pm America/Phoenix
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The Age of Syndicate


*Static cuts across the screen before transitioning into a shot of the inside of the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia.  Here, the WWX ring crew has begun to construct the Ravage set.  The ring has been partially assembled, as the canvas has not been laid over the wooden planks yet.  Elsewhere in the arena, the RavageTron is being raised up over the semi-completed stage area.  The camera, which is situated in the upper deck of the arena, pans to the left, where Syndicate is sitting in a blue chair overlooking the floor.  He is dressed in a black zip-up hoodie, blue jeans, and his signature black Nike sneakers.  The Undisputed World Championship sits proudly on the Los Angeles Outlaw's left shoulder as he looks down on the construction of the set.*

Syndicate: This is my world.  This is what I preside over.  Everything from the lights shining down on the ring to the ring itself, it all belongs to ME.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

*He smiles as he turns towards the camera.*

Syndicate: I think sometimes, people forget about the era that we are currently living in.  It is an era of dominance, an era of excellence.  It is the Age of Syndicate...and the Age is about one year old now, it's only just begun.  As World Champion, I, Sydney Maxwell Irvine, am the greatest professional wrestler on God's green earth today.  That much is undisputed.  And with my reign comes unforeseen prosperity for the sport of wrestling, especially here in my domain...the WWX.  The place I have called home for the past five years, and the place where I will NEVER leave.

Syndicate: I don't give favors.  I don't give mercy.  If you want to come up and try to take my place, fine.  Go ahead.  But you'll fail.  You'll ALWAYS fail.  And if - IF - you manage to take MY TITLE away from me...I'll come right back at you with a vengeance unlike anything you've ever seen.  Yeah, I've got that second gear, I've got that survival instinct that nobody - NOBODY - can match.  That's why I'm a five-time World Champion and, dare I say, a future Hall of Famer.

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: And now that I've reminded you fine people of all that...let's take a step back.  This week on Ravage, I face Rex McAllister, a man that has been a thorn in my side for quite some time now.  He spent the bulk of 2016 as World Champion.  Good for him.  But that was then...and this is now.  This is the Age of Syndicate, mother|BLEEP|ers, not the Age of Wasted Time.  What's one thing you remember from that reign of his, huh?  I'll wait.

*Syndicate pauses for about three seconds, all the while maintaining his eye contact with the camera.*

Syndicate: That's what I thought.  Any claim that he has to MY World Championship is null and void...until he earns it.  Rex, of course, has his best-of-five series with Tommy Lipton to determine the number-one contender for the World title, and I personally can't wait.  No matter what happens, I get to face off against someone that I DESPERATELY want to shove into the ground with multiple No Signals.  But before all that, I get the opportunity to beat some GOD DAMN RESPECT into Rex McAllister.

Syndicate: Rex, I don't care what you have to say about me.  I don't care what you think about the Age of Syndicate.  I don't care if you bide your time or not.  The facts are what matter, Rex, and the FACTS say that I am better than you right now.  I have RULED this company with an iron |BLEEP|ing fist, and that's going to continue no matter what you have to say about it.  I am THE BEST, I am THE CONSTANT, and most importantly, I am THE MAN, something that you will NEVER be, Rex.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: You're just like Kurtis Ray and Tommy Lipton and all the rest of 'em.  You keep on coming back to me, hoping to finally get over the hill, and you always - ALWAYS - fail.  They call me the "Measuring Stick" for a reason, you know.  You didn't live up to my standard this past summer, and you sure as hell didn't at Hall of Pain.  You, Rex McAllister, are a flash in a pan; someone that was once great but now pales in comparison to his competition.

Syndicate: This World title that rests over my shoulder is something that you will NEVER touch again as long as I'm around - and even if you do, I can guarantee that your reign will be a very short one, indeed.  Because I never die, Rex.  I don't go away.  I don't give up.  I NEVER give up.  And I won't stop until I get the respect that I deserve from you and EVERYONE else in this damn company.  The fans see it, Reddit sees it, the WORLD sees it...why don't you, Rex?  Why don't you notice when EXCELLENCE is standing right in front of you?  Oh, because "Rexcellence" is better?  HA!  What a |BLEEP|in' joke.  Rexcellence ain't shit, and I'll prove that to you on Ravage.  Until then, BASK in the glory of the TRUE WORLD CHAMPION, Rex..and welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate flashes his signature cocky smile as the feed is overtaken by static.*



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