The Alamo

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Mon, Nov27, 2017 5:50am America/Phoenix
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The Alamo
[The camera opens up showing a beautiful white building in the distance. Upon moving forward, the camera focuses in on a plaque that says “Battle of the Alamo”. The camera moves in showing the beautiful structural work inside as the camera continues through. The camera goes to another area showing the “Calvary Courtyard”. Beautiful trees and brick can be seen laid out throughout the area as the camera catches Rayne sitting back on a bench. He looks to the brick as he begins speaking].

Rayne: A battle that went down in history as one of the most violent. This place was where many people had lost their lives fighting for something they all believed in. Held up in a building for days, the fight raged on. I came to this place to get a taste of the history, relive the fight, and now here we are. 
[Rayne slowly turns around towards the camera as he continues].

Rayne: We move onto a new battle as a new frontier approaches itself in the WWX. I have worked my as* off to get where I am today, and now I am seeing the rewards. I have taken off two top contenders in the past week, and am left to face off with one of them yet well as the “measuring stick” of WWX in an outlaw. 

[Rayne sits down on the nearby bench].

Rayne: Syndicate, you of all people are the one that doesn't make any sense to me. You want to talk about someone forgetting where they came from *laughs* there couldn't be a better example. Like i said before and surprisingly you have yet to respond to, the last time I was around and took some time off, you were still beyond a rookie. You were trying to get matches right and left, and then hit quite the streak of bad luck there for awhile. You had heart, and continued to fight night after night until you finally attained the championship that you carry now. Fast forward to where you are now and you act like you are something better than the rest of us, when truth be told most of the people that you wrestle for that championship have already lost their drive by that point, or have had it once before, and it is nothing more than a staple to the resume for them. Well...that's not me. 

[Rayne puts on a smile].

Rayne: That title is the only one that has evaded me in my time in WWX. Every time I get close to it, I get fuc*ed by someone. Every...single...time. This time around, I have fought where I deserve to get my shot at the championship, and you aren't going to take it away from me. You want to talk about how great you are? Go ahead, you have earned that. You want to talk about how good it feels to be champion? Let it fly. You want to underestimate me and my accomplishments though? That is where I hope you figure out to draw the line. I had respect for you Syndicate, and I thought we were going to keep it respectful. Meanwhile you are blowing up the heat box with your as* buddy Darkness like you guys are in love. News flash champ, I beat him...and now i'm gunning for you. Just because he can't seem to get the job done more than once doesn't mean I won't be able to. 

[Rayne shakes his head in disgust].

Rayne: Kurtis, I haven't forgotten about you ol’ boy. You see, I have had some time to reflect on our match this past week at Ravage...and I must wrong. I was wrong to underestimate you. I was wrong to underthink you. I was wrong to think I was going to come into that match and come out without a scathe. The fact of the matter comes down to you gave me all I was ready to handle that night. You took me to new levels, and for that, and this being the only ounce of respect that I will give you, I thank you. I thank you for taking me to new heights, showing me that I have to become more to get back to top shelf performance. You pushed me and though I won, it wasn't easy. I know I have been cocky since the win, and I will continue to be, I EARNED that right, but I can also give you a little praise. 

[Rayne puts one knee up on a nearby wall.]

Rayne: However, the fact of the matter comes down to they weren't ready to see the end of us destroying each other. They want to see us continue to go back and forth, and I cant blame them. This time around though, they want to see the champ involved. They want to see the man that is the “Measuring stick” get into the middle of us just to see what happens. My focus on you as of right now is not totally diverted. I know that you and I are not finished with each other and thats okay. I will take you on for weeks to come if thats what needs to happen to prove im the better man. But right now, there are bigger things, a clearer picture if you will. That title is the one thing that I have been seeking that has somehow evaded me. You’ve been there, we both know this, and know what its like. You know what it feels like to have it on your waist and I dont. I accept that. But i am sure that you also remember the chase. Like a cheetah stalking its prey, you take it step for step as you move attempting to get what you are chasing. And when you do...the taste of victory fills every orifice of your body. That like no other. 

[Rayne brushes his hair back as he stares hard into the camera. He shifts his body to face the camera, the gleam in his eye showing something different].

Rayne: When the smoke settles and the dust clears, there is going to be a clear winner. There is going to be one that stands above the others, and that one man is going to be me. Syndicate, you can talk all that you want and act like this is going to be just another walk in the park but one day you are going to face the fact that this isn't. This isn't your everyday title defense against Darkness who gets a shot once every couple weeks. This isn't against Tommy Lipton trying to hold onto one more reign before he hangs up his boots. This isn't a lost Rex that is trying to regain the throne once more. And this sure as hell isn't some fictitious train that has already been derailed. This...THIS a man that has been waiting in line longer than anyone else. THIS a man that has fought harder than ANYONE in this company to get this shot. THIS the new frontier. Every outlaw has to prepare to saddle up for their last ride. Strap up syndicate, the rayne is coming. 

[The camera continues to stay on Rayne as he turns around and walks away back to his bench. The scene fades].

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