The Arch Angel

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Mon, May15, 2017 1:44am America/Phoenix
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The Arch Angel
[The scene opens up showing the WWX Breaking News signal. The feed goes live as Chris Sanders can be seen on the video. The camera focuses on him as he pulls some papers up and begins speaking].

Sanders: Hello everyone and welcome to the WWX Ravage Pre Show. I am sending out this broadcast bulletin in regards to the fact that we have confirmed a camera man to be missing at this point in time. The camera man, Dustin Miner, was sent out to record a promo sent out by the Silent Assassin Rayne. Upon arrival, Miner called into the station stating that he had arrived and has not been heard from since. After numerous attempts to contact him via cell phone, someone answered the line and only stated "He will be back" and the phone was hung up. Attempted GPS tracking was unsuccessful as it appears the cell phones signal had been lost or destroyed after the call was placed. Calgary Police are currently searching the last known area and have only been able to recover the GO PRO camera that was sent out with the camera man. This is the last known footage we have of Miner. Some images could be considered disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.

[The scene opens up showing a camera man traveling what appears to be an old dirt road. The voice of his GPS can be heard speaking through the lens of his GO PRO camera. The camera picks up the different scenery as it begins with minor run down houses, and continues out into a very secluded wooded area].

GPS Voice: Turn left in five hundred feet

[The camera man turns over as he pulls into what appears to be an old country church. An old raggedy sign can be seen that states "Old Country Church". A red wooden building can be seen a few feet away. The GPS voice can be heard].

GPS Voice: You have arrived at your destination.

[Another voice can be heard, assuming to be that of the cameraman Miner].

Miner: Thank you captain obvious. How do I get myself into this sh*t?

[The hand reaches into camera view turning the GPS and car off. They reach out and place their hand over the camera lens, placing it on their shirt. He walks to the back of the car and pulls out a bigger camera headed towards the church. He walks over and pushes on the door, which doesn't appear to open easy. He sets the big camera down and puts some strength behind the door, opening it. What appears to be pure darkness can be seen in front of him].

Miner: What...the...hell?

[The person cautiously approaches into the building hoping that maybe lights will kick on. His voice shaky, he stands at the entrance awaiting a voice].

Miner: H...H...Heelllooo?

[Nothing can be heard for a moment as a series of small lights come on starting at the entrance from the shape of a cross leading to the center of the room. In the center, a pentagram of candles lies with a single chair in between. The camera man looks around unsure of what to do next as a familiar voice is heard].

???: Set the camera up and sit down. You have come to hear the manifesto of a true assassin...a true madman. 

[The camera man hesitates for a moment and sets the camera down. You can see on the footage from his go pro that he sets the stand up, and places the bigger camera on it. He tries to focus the lens for a moment as the voice can be heard speaking once more].

???: You see, like the rest of these sheep around here, you conform and comply. Conform...and comply. Why do you do this? How do you know the person that you are talking to is the person that you are expecting it to be? How do you know that I am not someone else, someone that may be here simply to lure you into this building and do horrendous and unspeakable things to you? Does blind faith lead you here?

[Nothing is heard for a moment but heavy breathing. Soon after, the cameraman speaks again].

Miner: I was told to come here man. I don't know what this place is or why I am here. I have a job to do just like the rest of you all. 

???: Rest of who exactly?

Miner: The rest The rest of you.

???: Once again with the assumptions. You see, that is where you are wrong. For I may not be who you came here to see. I may be someone entirely different. I may be the things that you fear, the things that you don't want to see, the things...that haunt you. Do you think that is what or who I am?

Miner: All you are is creeping me out man. I am about ready to leave. 

[Nothing is heard from a moment as the lights all start going out one by one. The man looks around quickly unsure of what to do as he steps back towards the door he came in. A large slamming sound is heard as he turns around quickly. The lights slowly come back on again, forming the same shape as before. This time, a hooded figure in an all black robe can be seen. He stares at the man as he falls back onto the ground].

???: The camera...turn it.

[The camera man slowly gets to his feet and turns it around towards the hooded figure. He can be heard breathing heavily as the hooded figure lets out a hard laugh].

???: It is because of peasant, feeble, weak minded fools like yourself that the industry that I hold dear has people that it does running it. It is because of people like you that the places that I love so much have become tained, a symbol of all the things I no longer stand for. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?

[The camera man, unsure of what to say, speaks slowly].

Miner: right?

[The hooded figure lets out another laugh and slowly reaches up with his gloved black hands revealing Rayne. He stares at the man, his head slightly cocked to the side].

Rayne: Ah..but so much more. You see, I was ONCE A HERO! I WAS ONCE A MAN OF THE PEOPLE! AND FOR WHAT?! FOR F*CKING WHAT?! A PAT ON THE BACK HERE AND THERE? A SMILE IN THE CROWD!? WERE THOSE THINGS WORTH IT FOR MY BODY...MY SOUL...MY...MY FU*CKING SANITY?! Why...some say that I may be a bit extreme, that I may not be all there anymore...and those naysayers may be right. Those naysayers may have come to the conclusion that even I am beginning to come to. Maybe I really am not here anymore, moved onto another place and time. Maybe...just maybe...I am that person that no longer has feelings, nothing more than the archangel that was sent to destroy all those who are no longer good in my eyes. 

[Rayne falls back into the lights and begins yelling something].

Rayne: Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, "Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation. Well here you are mockers. Here you are for the arrival of him has come. I am him. I am the almighty. I am the alpha, omega, beginning, end, I AM ALL! From this point forward I no longer stand in the darkness awaiting my chance to shine. From this point forward I no longer wait as my worthless opponents beg for mercy at my hands asking for please no more. Asking to consider what they have to lose. They have nothing to lose that I have no gave them, and can take away. 

[Rayne gets back to his feet and begins pacing back and forth. He runs his hands through his hair and continues speaking].

Rayne: You see, my opponent is living a false bravado. He is living in his own darkness, own depression, and thinks that it will intimidate all those who have crossed his path. Thus far, he has been successful. Thus far, he has accomplished all that he has set out to do. But...*laughs* I have moved mountains out of sheer rock, I have made water out of wine, I have done all things which I am empowered to do. I have made my known return to WWX for nothing more than the blood of my enemies, the blood of those which are not pure, and have been sent to destroy them. I have been sent to make their very being exiled. I have glided through the depths of heaven and hell trying to find my place and have found it. I have found that I am the chosen one, the archangel, the man that will take the beings which are not pure and send them into exile. I will send those who do not believe in me to their eternal damnation, eternal resting place, whatever you want it to be...I will take them. 

[Rayne walks over and takes the camera looking into it. His eyes almost deprived of color, he puts on a sickening smile].

Rayne: Darkness, you have been fortunate not to cross my path, not to walk into my area. However, we are now in the real playing field, the real showdown. You say that you don't want this and I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to be against me either. In all my years, this is the first time I get to meet the man who claims to be the best that this place has to offer. I get to beat the man this place is supposed to fall to. You see, you are nothing more than a fluke, a fiction, a fake. When we step into the ring this week, you will see what I mean. You will see what its like to live in darkness, what its like to feel real and true pain. Scars are nothing but simple reminders of the things we did wrong the first time. "So it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous". However, you see, there will be no angels other than I, the arch angel. There are no further righteous other than I and its time that I take the wicked down. The only question I have to ask now you feel it?

[Rayne knocks over the main camera and walks over towards Miner. He sees the other camera on his shirt and reaches down taking it, tossing it to the floor. A scuffle can be heard as the camera man screams. The camera faces the lights for a few moments before a red splotch appears near it, looking like blood. Silence is heard as the doors to the church open and close. The camera returns to Sanders].

Sanders: We are unsure what has happened to our camera man, but we can assume his last known where abouts are within that church. We have attempted to contact Rayne but have not gotten an answer as of yet. We are being told that upon arrival, he will be placed on a psychological evaluation to determine his mental health prior to competition. We will keep you updated as the situation develops. Thank you all and have a good night.

[The camera shows the WWX logo and fades to black].

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