The Ascension Back To The Throne

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Feb14, 2018 11:45pm America/Phoenix
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The Ascension Back To The Throne
The scene begins inside the Oracle Arena in Oakland, the exact place where the Aftershock Paperview is expected to take place this weekend. The Arena lights are dimmed for the most part, the notable exception being the lone lights that shine from up above the ring. The ring crew can be seen working at ringside testing various bits of equipment to ensure that everything goes as planned during the event itself. On the right side of the upper deck area, viewing the proceedings that are taking place down on the floor, is Rex McAllister. The camera pans in closer to show him just staring at everything rather stoically. Rex is in regular street clothes. His stare is hard, but it's hard to tell if he's deep in thought, as he so often is, or if he truly is taking in the atmosphere of a place that very well could be one of remembrance should he go on to secure his second career world title in World Wrestling Xistence. Perhaps it's both.

The camera pans in closer on his left to see him sitting up straight in the upright position, his gaze fully given to the one place he feels at home in, the ring. As is usually the case, Rex tends to have every bit of idea and awareness of when the cameras are in close enough proximity that when he speaks he knows he'll be heard, and this time proved to be no different as he begins.

Rex McAllister: I feel a sense of de ja vu being created here. Nearly two years ago, this seat, but not this seat, was the one I sat upon, with a familiar feeling inside that was setting in. A similar essence in the air as the sand in the hour glass continues to elapse, each grain that falls representing another moment still to come, another opportunity waiting in the wings to be seized. Except back then, I was that bright-eyed rookie that felt he had worked his ass off, that his moment had come, even if so soon. I was the real ray of light back then, one that was to serve as a beacon for any and all to prove themselves worthy of being able to stand in a WWX ring.

Rex ponders the thought for second, sighing a little.

Rex McAllister: That's where the parallels end though, because now...right now, in this very day and age, I am so much more now than I ever was back then as a fresh pea straight out of the pod. As great as I proved to be then, standing above all for nearly seven months at the apex of this company...I'm even greater now. It's fate that's brought me here. Grappling with fate can be very similar to meeting an expert at his craft in that ring.

Rex gestures ahead downward at the ring as he finishes that sentence before continuing.

Rex McAllister: You can escape it, right? How do you escape fate? You can't, you accept your predicament, you accept the fall when you are thrown. You're either going to stay down for the count, or you're going push on, but fate is a tricky thing, because in the end what's meant to be will always find a way, always. 

But it's all in due time. Actions, attitudes, characterization, choices/decisions made are what makes up ones fate. 

Rex gazes straight ahead now to the opposite side of the arena, seemingly looking at something, but nothing at all. Then it becomes clear once more that he's paused, and goes back to being deep in thought for a moment.

Rex McAllister: I don't have regrets for the things that I've done to be here. I look at the long growing list of legends that comprise of this place through all the years, all the eras. There isn't a single soul on that list that got there by continually crying foul at a system that was corrupted before they could even get a whiff of the essence of the glory you have in standing at the top as you do presently, Xavier. The system will not adjust to you, it's you that must make the adjustments. It's easy to question, and chastise, but think about what you've accomplished so far in doing so. It's done nothing but expose you for the weak, sad, intrepid little lost soul that you have proved yourself to be.

Rex has a small low chuckle to himself.

Rex McAllister: You hold your title up high as a symbol of achievement, an example of how far one whose traveled the roads you have, bumpy or not, can reach. But sadly, it's everything else beyond that that you happen to do that cancels all of that out in the amount of the few polarized seconds that it takes you just to hold up that Undisputed Championship with that main spotlight on you with the eyes of the blind trying to see you in it, but they can't can they? Not when you've already blinded them with the masks you where, and the lies you bear.

Rex looks to his left for the first time with a glare. Rex reaches into his shirt pocket to grab a pair of black sunglasses, and proceeds to place them on over his eyes as a symbolization of his own in direct defiance and disrespect to the champion.

Rex McAllister: You're blinding us, Xavier, all of us. The fans, they've been blind. The guys in the back, we've all got our dark tinted sunglasses on, and our ear plugs handy, ready for the next rant from the champ to come. 

Rex says with a deadpanned look through the sunglasses.

Rex McAllister: Now, someone needs to put that spotlight out. It's the truth and the facts, both woven together that I shall use to blind you! Bury YOU! You've done nothing that captures the imaginations of those that you've blinded, but don't worry, Xavier, because at Aftershock it will be The Rex Master that ensures that they are able to see again. See beyond the short moment that you hailed on an imaginary throne for the interim, until the time came that the real leader of this era was ready to take it back! I guarantee it. Now that...was...rexcellent.

The camera shows Rex staring back at it with the dark tinted sunglasses still on as the scene slowly fades.


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