The Assassination

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Aug09, 2018 6:02am America/Phoenix
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The Assassination
The scene opens to a dark studio room. It has a single spotlight shining down, which is enough cover the room beyond just the center of it. There's no real rhyme or reason about this particular cut, being that the upcoming match between Rex and Rayne should have been done at a later date. 

Rex McAllister soon makes his way into the shot. He's dressed in his ring attire. His signature singapore cane sitting over his left shoulder. His face is all bruised up, his ribs taped, clearly indicating that his current condition isn't one to be taken lightly, but then again neither is he. 

Rex looks straight into the camera. He shows a hint of a grin, but through the stoic expression,  very little emotion seems to be detected.

Rex McAllister: My body aches, my head is still ringing, and my flesh is sliced. Yet, I try not to feel pain. But thatís not what this is, but itís familiar.

I feel fear.

Absolute, abject, fear.

Rex looks down, then begins to maneuver his staff a little, twirling it like a baton.

Rex McAllister: Not a day goes by that I donít wonder when Iíll forget what itís like to fear something, because I know thatís the day Iíve truly become lost. Thereís nothing for me to gain if I donít fear - not vengeance, not Championships, not victories. Iím a man made of flesh and bone, and I understand that far more than you think. I may have been raised to be the best, but Iím not stupid enough to lock my fear and my failures and my flaws all deep down inside of me and pretend as though they never happened. There is no rug to sweep it all underneath. I embrace it. Even as I sit here, mere hours away from finally getting what Iíve so desired for the last monthÖ I shake with fear. But it doesnít hinder me. It doesnít snuff out this fire, it fuels it. Fear is the most thrilling feeling Iíve ever experienced in my life. No matter how much power or gold or victories Iíve accumulated throughout my life, I can still fear something like this. I can still feel it creeping up on me, resonating within me.

Do you fear?

You should.

Rex pauses, and stares straight ahead coldly.

Rex McAllister: But men like you aren't supposed to fear, now are they? You have to put on a new mask now, donít you? Weíve crossed the point of no return and itís no longer even in the distance. Even if you know what you are, nobody else does. Youíve successfully convinced everyone around you that you truly ARE going to be the one among them all that makes a difference. That when you step into a ring, youíre something beyond human comprehension because you believe you don't fear. You donít fear. You donít lose. You donít fail. You have no flaws. Youíre a God. And all of your followers will be watching with glee on their faces and the sound of your name on their tongues as they cheer you on against another big bad wolf for you to defeat. I donít blame you, Rayne. I canít blame a man for wanting to be a fearless Assassin. My old mentor once thought himself to be many things when it was for convenience. Iím sure itís a high thatís indescribable, having no fear of falling. The one cliff that you never want to step off of once you've climbed to the top. Why be a Silent Assassin? Why be fearless? Why not be a God? Why not be the End All Be All? Why not be the Alpha and the Omega of everything and everyone in this company? 

Youíre nothing more than a lost animal thatís rummaged around mindlessly in this jungle.

Rex McAllister: Even while you looked me in the eyes and told me how much you wish to destroy me, I could see it reflected back at me: that hate that lingers, that wanting to protect Constance. Thereís something inside you that you donít like to speak of. Something that all of the betrayal youíve both given and taken keeps you from acknowledging. Youíre no Silent Assassin, but a mere animal that wants nothing more than to protect itself. Youíre a product of nature, Rayne. Youíve coasted all this time on natural skill and free offerings from the hand that feeds you. You may not be the End All Be All, but you are most certainly exceptional. Itís just a shame you donít realize how limited you are when it all comes down to it. Youíre a candle that burns brightly and yet never seems to go out, but that doesnít mean you wonít for good eventually. Be it by natural causes or by the volition of another, your flame will go out.

Rex presents a twisted grin, before continuing.

Rex McAllister: How many days do you awake in excruciating agony, I wonder. What do you go through just to convince those who still realize you exist that youíre still the same old Rayne that you were when you first stepped into the ring with me? I wonder. Youíre a dangerous, resilient animal, Rayne, but youíre still just a force of nature. You bleed all the same. You fail when you canít quite push yourself beyond your limits like youíve become so notorious for. Yet you look at me with that smug expression and pretend everythingís okay. This is just another retention. The years never took their toll, the Championships youíve had taken from you meant nothing, and the last two times you and I clashed and you fell before me in defeatÖ Itís gone with the wind. People will look at you and tell themselves that youíre just a man that doesnít give a damn about the past. That you only look towards the future. Isnít that ironic? Looking towards the future, when itís the past thatís your greatest enemy? Itís the cancer thatís eaten away at your body. Itís whatís caused you to fall time and time again. Itís an enemy we all fight, but youíve been battling him far, far longer than the rest of us. When your body aches and your head wonít stop throbbing and your bones crack and your muscles continue to heal as quickly as they can but not as quickly as they should haveÖ I wonder, more than anything else, if you have any fear left in you. A fear that the next match could be your last.

Sometimes itís a snake you canít see in the grass.

Rex McAllister: Men younger, stronger, and more honorable than you have fallen to it time and time again. Youíre a relic of an age long since gone, and though you continue to thrive, Iím sure youíve watched from a distance as all the others have played their roles and suffered their individual fates, one after another. I think deep down, in places you donít want to talk about, thereís something very similar to fear that boils inside of you when you look at someone like me. Itís the thing that makes someone like you lose every ounce of composure and takes you off the deep end until you find yourself putting me down on the ground just to prove to your adoring supporters, those that know that you still actually exist that Rayne is still...

...just Rayne. 

Rex actually has a nice laugh at the thought.

Rex McAllister: Itís not hard to puff out your chest and assure your audience that what theyíre seeing is real. Youíre nothing but an illusionist playing tricks on their eyes. When the chips are down and the bell has rung - thatís when the real trial begins.

And Iím going to savor it. Every moment of it.

Rex McAllister: As I beat the life out of you, raise you up in the air, and let you die before them all, not as the Silent Assassin, but as a mere man. As an animal that finally succumbed to the elements. Thereís a fear inside you, youíve only just forgotten what it is. In those last three seconds you spend as the one they all thought they knew, the eyes of those around youÖ You will remember it.

Rex stares coldly once again into the camera, then grins deviously.

See you soon.

Rex begins to leave the shot opposite from which he came. Whistling and then coming back into the shot, briefly glancing toward the camera again at the camera before leaving the shot for good as the scene slowly fades.


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