The Avengers 2.0

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Mon, Feb19, 2018 12:39pm America/Phoenix
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The Avengers 2.0
(The camera is set in a city. A beautiful city. Apart from the massive building slowly falling to the floor. You see a blue figure stood on the top. Its Super Bacon, he runs into the building and back out again he is on the top floor he is now holding an unconscious man. Bacon jumps off and his jet pack turns on and he slowly lowers himself to the floor, he pits the man inside a waiting ambulance. He then flies up and back on to the top floor, he grabs an unconscious woman and jumps off again he switches his jet pack back on and slowly lowers her to the floor. Bacon puts her next to the man in the ambulance. Super Bacon goes up to the top floor for the last time he gets an unconscious child and picks him up. Bacon jumps off the building and switches his jet pack on, it doesn't work he tries again and still it doesn't work. Its ran out of juice. Bacon and the boy are quickly falling to their doom. Bacon keeps on trying the switch, it still isnt working. Suddenly a red blur shoots past and grabs Bacon and the boy. They land on the floor and the red blur is a really beefy and buff guy who looks like he has painted himself in red. A guy dress in blue with a wooden shield on his back is now stood next to him then a guy with a drill is stood next to him. A few seconds later a guy wearing steel armour is stood next to him).

Bacon: Thanks... But Who are you?!

Red Guy: We are The Avengers... 2.0

SB: Umm Ok ..... Arent they already a thing?

Drill Guy: Yeah but we wanna be just like them!

SB: Ok so what are your names?

Drill Guy.: I'm Phor!

Red Guy: I'm Bulk!

Steel Guy: I'm Steel Man!

Shield Guy: and I'm Sergeant England!

Super Bacon: Ok (he sniggers under his breath).

SE: So... We have seen you wrestle. We have seen you save people ... And we thought that you would be a great addition to our team... So do you wanna join?

SB: Umm...

(Suddenly Bacon's phone rings he answers the call and its Dave).

Dave: Hi Bacon I need your help with something its ... Urgent

SB: Ok I will be right over. Sorry guys I have to go.

Avengers 2.0: Ok bye (they walk off with their heads down)

(Bacon runs off and a few minutes go by . he is now stood inside the elevator and is heading up to Dave's office. When he reaches the right floor the doors ding open and he walks over to Dave).

SB: What's the problem?

Dave: I need your help... I cant complete this level on tap tap dash... Can you do it?

( Bacon face palms and cameras fade to black).

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