The Bar: Giant Khoklov Speaks!

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Tue, May30, 2017 6:11pm America/Phoenix
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The Bar: Giant Khoklov Speaks!
[Vladimir Abakumov is seen sitting in a bar, a cigarette in his head. He puffs it as he begins to talk to the man at the bar. It's obvious he's had a few to drink.]

Vladimir Abakumov: There's this man right, his name's "Fill". Like literally just "Fill". He thinks he can provoke the beast right. Ahahaha. And... He.. He thinks he can survive what's coming.

[Abakumov begins to wet himself with laughter.]

Vladimir Abakumov: So he smashes chairs over my client's head, kicks him in the groin and messes with him so much he's basically dead. Now my client shall crush "Fill", he shall make hi-

[The cameraman cuts him off abruptly.]

Cameraman: Hey sir, your client is facing Blayde Archer this Sunday. Not Fill.

[Abakumov stops laughing and stares at the camera.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Excuse me?

Cameraman: Uhh, I said your client is facin-

[Abakumov cuts him off by chucking his drink over the camera, leaving your view wet with beer.]

Vladimir Abakumov: I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME IDIOT! I meant... Why are you talking to me peasant? You are low life scum. You're lucky my client isn't here! He would rip your head off! But that doesn't matter, Blayde Archer? Sounds just like another one of those generic wrestlers that come along and leave the next week. Oh wait... He's "special" isn't he? Why? because he's got a stable? Because he's got "friends". Wow. Amazing. Well done kid. But do you really have "it"? No matter how much smack you can talk, the only thing that matters in the end is whether or not you can topple a Giant. To be honest with you though, you can't... Fill can't... Rayne can't... Both of them together can't... So what's a wrestler like you going to do? Get your stable on him? Beat him down?

[He laughs sadistically.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Peh, I don't think so. Hey barman! Fetch me another drink! Anyways, as I was saying. A Giant stands in your way this Sunday, what are you going to do? Fight until your career is ended young? Or lay down for the one... Two... Three? If I was you, which I'm obviously not. I would do the last option. It's either lay down and stay down, or get all the bones in your body broken. What do you say big man?

[The barman hands Abakumov a drink, he takes a sip and spits it straight back into the barman's face.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Urghhh! American beverages SUCK!

[The barman get's riled up and steps over the bar and walks menacingly over to a retreating Abakumov.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Woah! Woah! Please! I- I didn't mean i-

[Out of nowhere Giant Khoklov bashes open the bar door as though a scene from a wild west movie. It all goes eerily quiet. The barman looks on in shock. The Mouth Of Motherland smiles. The Russian Monster storms over and stands in-front of his client. He is wearing the same street clothes as before. Then, he speaks for the first EVER time here in WWX. His voice is so deep and Russian it's incredibly hard to hear what he says.]

Giant Khoklov: W-H-A-T  I-S  G-O-I-N-G  O-N  H-E-R-E?

[The barman puts his hands up as though stepping away, he wants nothing to do with the Giant.]

Barman: Nothing... Nothing's going o- on.

[Khoklov looks back at his client who stands behind him as though a damsel in distress.]

Giant Khoklov: G-O-O-D.

[Khoklov and Abakumov both leave the bar swiftly. As they head out you hear the barman eerily say.]

Barman: You- you never pay- payed...

[Khoklov turns back, an expression of anger etched widely across his face. The barman changes his mind before he is ultimately destroyed.]

Barman *In a squeaky voice*: Nevermind!

[The scene fades to black as the camera doesn't dare follow the Russian Monster and his client outside.]

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