The Battle Of Bacon

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Jun21, 2017 5:58am America/Phoenix
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The Battle Of Bacon
[The camera cuts into the 'Flying Bacon' with Super Bacon, who is wearing a mysterious steel band on his wrist, punching and kicking at a Super Bacon branded punchbag it has a picture of a bacon with a majestic cape that looks like it is blowing in the wind inside of a blue circle. He is smashing the punchbag with all his might. Dave is sitting at the computer with a picture of Super Bacon with an analysis of his training he switches to a different screen and starts typing and clicking rapidly, then a new page pops up)

Voice On Computer: (In a voice of a female robot) Please enter registration code, Please enter registration code, please enter registration code.

Dave: Alright, Alright be quiet

Super Bacon: What?

Dave: No not you the computer

Super Bacon: Oh OK

Dave: [To Himself] OK I have it here somewhere

[He opens up his drawer and starts scrambles around in it]

Dave: Ummmmmmm.... Sir..... I may have left the registration code in the shops when we went to get your new costume....

Super Bacon: What does the registration code do then...

Dave: Never mind that, 

Super Bacon: OK. Do you want me to go and get it?

Dave: Yes please that would be delightful. It is just next to the place were you defeated Red Puma. 

[Super Bacon Walks down a corridor and the camera follows. He then stops at a futuristic looking door, it has a number lock. he then types in a number code with immense speed].

Super Bacon: Welcome... To the Armoury of Bacon. This is where Dave and I keep our new equipment. Yeah.... Now, I need to find the jet pack....

[He walks over to a cabinet with another number lock. He hesitates...]

Super Bacon: Ummmmm.............. Ah's.....

[Bacon Quickly types in a code  so quickly that the camera can't even see his fingers moving.He looks into the cabinet and finds a jet pack and picks up with much care. He straps it around his back and checks the fuel gauge. It is full].

Super Bacon: Ahhhhhhhhhh PERFECT!

Dave:[In a quiet distant voice] What?!

Super Bacon: Oops said it a bit loud.

[He walks out of the room and locked the door on the number lock he continues to walk with great confidence]

Super Bacon: Bye Dave see ya later

Dave: Toodle-oo

[Dave smashes a button That says hatch on the top of it. Bacon sprints out of the hatch and turns his jet pack on. The camera follows again as Super Bacon is falling with style. Bacon' s cape blows in the wind perfectly​;;; and majestically. The camera can now see the ground coming into view it is a beautiful grassy field. Super Bacon lands on the ground, he turns off his jet pack and stands there].

Super Bacon: Well this is a nice spot... IIIIIII Don't care.

[Bacon sprints off with the camera next to him into the city. As Super Bacon gets closer to the city the buildings come into view they are exactly the same as the one when he defeated Red Puma.He carries on sprinting as if he wasn't using any energy at all.....He is now inside of the of the city with buildings in front of him. He starts to walk so he doesn't look suspicious. He carries on walking and ends up in an alley way, the camera looks around with Super Bacon you can see a piece of card on a balcony. Super Bacon jumps onto the balcony and grabs the code.]
Super Bacon: Time to go home!

[He proceeds to press a button on his jet pack and blasts off into the sky.]

*Back In the Lab*

[Dave is stood at the computer talking to himself, he is obviously agitated at the fact that his partner isn't back with the code yet.]

Dave: When's he gonna get back?

[Just as he says this, Bacon jumps into the room from the balcony with a smug look on his face.]

Bacon: Haha! Bacon returns!

Dave: Finally! Let's look at the data!

[Dave goes to the page and finds the box to type the registration code. Dave smiles and types in the code,]


[The voice on the PC talks]

Computer: Registration Code accepted, taking you to the stats for, Battle Royal!

Dave: Yes!!!

super Bacon: Yes!!!

[The picture on the screen shows pictures of all the competitors.]

Computer: Funzo, the clown, cunning, yet lacks physical stamina, try to overpower him.
          King Richard, new to the WWX, not great at fighting, and very arrogant, use your wits.

          Glorious Gaijin, Rob Bacon's previous partner, smart and athletic, but lacks strength.

          Bryan Matthews, Generic fighter, use strength and wits.

          Vigilante, experienced wrestler, but arrogant, you may use his strength against him.

Dave: So there you have it Bacon, all of the wrestlers skills and weaknesses, get training.

Bacon: Yes! WWX, it's time to be rescued!

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