The Beast begins his destruction...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sat, Oct28, 2017 6:33pm America/Phoenix
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The Beast begins his destruction...
(scene opens)

Commentator: The Crowd is awaiting the first appearance of Bob Mellon who did the unthinkable last week on Fury. Here's a clip...

(Fury logo pops on the screen where we are taken to last week's Fury with Bob Mellon in the ring about the fight Jester in a non-title match)

Commentator: This is a match that is a month in the making. Bob and Jester have been getting in each other's way since they met at World Series. Each has made appearances interfering and assaulting each other. You can cut the tension with a knife. The two men stand in the squared circle just staring at one another. Eyeing each other. The bell is about to ring and the crowd is going crazy...

(Bell rings) 

Commentator: The two men circle each other in the ring and here comes the lockup.... Jester with an armbar as the crowd cheers. Wait, I think I see Mellon reaching into his trunks... He's pulling out a pair of... Oh my god, brass knuckles!!! It's blatant, the referee sees it but it is all hidden from Jester. Mellon reverses the armbar and.... I cannot believe it. He just clobbered Jester in the side of the head. Jester in bleeding on the mat. He is out cold. The referee has called for the bell... Mellon is taking a DQ. The crowd is irate. It is deafening in here as Mellon stands over Jester just staring at him. 

Ring Announcer: The winner by a result of a disqualification, the WWX International Champion, Jester!

(the crowd lightly cheers but are mesmerized by Mellon, standing motionless over Jester)

Commentator: Not a single person in this building was prepared for that. Mellon has just completely spit in the face of every single one of these fans who paid good money to see these two men finally come face to face. He has spit in the face of the fans that have followed him through thick and thin for the last twenty years. All of it is over... We are looking at a real-life fallen angel. Never did we ever think that this man would pull such a coward move. Damn you, Bob Mellon! DAMN YOU! Now he is signaling for a microphone. Nobody wants to hear from you. Nobody! 

(Mellon gestures for a microphone. As he moves to the apron to grab the mic, the boos begin to rain down on him. Garbage is being thrown into the ring. The ring is now littered with a thick layer of cups, trash, and food.) 

Mellon: Listen up and let me make it very clear. The vision you see in this ring is what I want to be printed and stamped on every pathetic brain in this arena. Do you want garbage? Then you will get garbage. Screw the disqualification. Screw the WWX. And screw all of you here. It's a new Bob Mellon and times have finally changed.... 

(Drops the mic, kicks Jester in the gut, and slides out of the ring. The crowd boos and screams in displeasure as Mellon leaves the arena.... The Legend has fallen and no one knows how far...)

(The scene ends and returns back to the special event being filmed for Hall of Pain.)

Commentator: It still stings to see what went down. Moments after that it was announced that Mellon would be fighting Jester at Hall of Pain and we now see that the rivalry has begun to grow between these two men. It is both exciting and devastating to see. This whirlwind of emotions has left the WWX universe in a state of shock and awe. In a few moments, we will see Bob Mellon take on a new youngster in the WWX. Cody Flyer, a youngster who trained with Mellon and expressed his pain and sadness regarding Mellon's recent turn....

(Fades into a brief interview that was previously taped)

Flyer: Bob was an idol. He was a big part of why I got into this business. The hope is that I can take it to the Beast and show that honor and respect still exist... 

(Scene fades back to the special event show)

Commentator: And we now see Flyer in the ring as we await the entrance of the once beloved and revered Bob Mellon... 

(Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as 'Guerilla Radio' hits the PA system. Fireworks fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring snubbing fans on both sides. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". The beast rips of his shirt getting a huge reaction of boos from the crowds. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. Music comes to an end.)

Commentator: In all my years of covering this sport, I don't believe I have ever seen a man greeted by a crowd with such disdain and hate. His appearance here looks as though it may start a riot and frankly I hope the riot leads to this man being destroyed and left to suffer for what he has done both to his fans and Jester last week on Fury. 

(The bell rings and match starts)

Commentator: Flyer makes a charge towards Mellon who sidesteps the kid and throws him into the turnbuckle. The kid pops off and Mellon attacks with a callosal clothesline. The kid hits the mat hard. Mellon stands over him. There seems to be a dead look in his eyes. The crowd roars with hate. It is shocking to see. Mellon grabs Flyer, lifts him over his head in a gorilla press and drops him from what must have been 9 ft. Flyer hits the ground hard. All of the offense has been on the part of Mellon who now heads to the ropes facing the camera and just stares leaning on the top rope. There is no expression on his face. It's empty. Chilling. Flyer fights his way back to his feet and tries and drop kick to Mellon's back but it causes little harm. Mellon turns back around, looking down at Cody who is on his knees looking up at him. Mellon at 6'5" towers over the 5'7" Flyer who suddenly looks hopeless and helpless: 

(The Crowd begins to chant, "Mellon Sucks" as the sound becomes more and more deafening.)

Commentator: Mellon is not even paying any notice to the crowd around him. He grabs Flyer by the neck and holds him over his head and slams him down to the mat. Cody buckles in pain and this match needs to be stopped. Mellon is making an example of this kid in what is an unbelievably disgusting display of dominance. What does he think he is doing? Cody struggles back to his feet as Mellon screams to him to stay down. The kid won't stay down and I can't tell if it is admirable or stupid. Flyer runs off the ropes, slides under Mellon's legs, jumps up behind Mellon who turns around to three straight punches. The big man is caught off guard. Where is this kid getting this strength from? He has Mellon staggering. The crowd is cheering him on and we may be seeing a change of momentum. Cody, with Mellon weakening in the knees, runs off the ropes and attempts a flying crossbody but Mellon catches him in mid-air and power slams the kid. The sound was deafening and has silenced the crowd.

(The crowd now hopeless watches on as Mellon prepares the Beastbreaker)

Commentator: Mellon hoists Flyer up and sets him up for a Beastbreaker. It is locked in and here comes the pain.... Wait!! Oh my god, what is that!?!?!? It's Jester!! He is standing at the top of the ramp with a baseball bat! The crowd is going crazy. Mellon turns and sees Jester standing at the top of the ramp and is furious. He walks over to the ropes and begins screaming down the aisle at him. The crowd is going crazy. This may happen before Hall of Pain. This may happen now. Jester has proven in the past that his baseball bat can do some damage. Jester is just laughing at Mellon. Wait what is this? Flyer is getting up and is sneaking up behind Mellon who doesn't see him. Jester points his bat at Mellon who continues to scream back. Flyer rolls Mellon up... The ref counts... 1.... 2.... 3!! OH, MY GOD, Flyer defeats Mellon. Flyer defeats Mellon. Jester is laughing at the top of the ramp as he exits back through the curtain. Flyer jumps out of the ring, runs back up the ramp. The place is pandemonium. It is bedlam. I can't even hear myself talk. Mellon is fuming in the ring.

(Mellon gestures for a microphone as the crowd is still going crazy...)

Mellon: DAMN YOU, JESTER!! And damn each and every one of you losers here right now. Come Hall of Pain I will crush you, damn it. I will crush you and anyone else that gets in my way. The International Title will be mine. IT WILL BE MINE! YOU HEAR ME!?!? COME BACK, NOW!!! Get back out here!!! JESTER, I'M COMING FOR YOU!! I AM GOING TO HUNT YOU DOWN!!! I'M GOING TO GET YOU!!! (Falls to his knees) I WILL GET YOU!!!!

Commentator: Mellon is not the same man anymore. That is a man who has lost himself. That is a man who has lost his purpose and direction and come, Hall of Pain, no one is quite sure what will happen. He is a loose cannon but tonight has shown us that anything can happen and that there is still some good in the world. Jester, with the distraction, helped Flyer with a quick roll up and the result is an enraged and insane Mellon on his knees, breathing heavily and staring towards the curtain. We'll see you!  Hall of Pain! So long!

(Scene fades on Mellon, red in the face, staring towards the back, breathing heavily, mouthing "I will get you... I will get you") 

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