The beaten and burned berserker

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On Wed, May02, 2018 2:46am America/Phoenix
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The beaten and burned berserker
*Scene opens inside the bedroom of Koraths now completed longhouse. In the center of the room is a great bed, in which the Nordic Nightmare is lying face down. His hair is tied in a thick braid keeping it off of his heavily bandaged forehead and back, his breathing is heavy but he is awake as a woman enters the scene and, after placing a kiss on the side of his face, begins removing the bandages from his back.

???: "Be calm husband, this will not be pleasant."

She peels away the final layer of wrapping, exposing the mess that is Koraths back, Korath clenches the furs and manages to suppress a scream as the ruined skin is exposed. His skin is burned in a checkerboard pattern from the heated chains and some areas have become infected, when the woman sees this, she picks up a piece of obsidian and first prods those areas.

???: "Does this have feeling?"

Korath: "Barely, do whatever it is you need to do Lilith, apparently I must fight again and soon."

Lilith: So soon? You haven't even begun to heal from that match against Rex. Does the new General Manager believe you Indestructible? "

Korath: "He should, hell I believed it until this. Can hardly think straight..."

Lilith: "Lie still now, I need to remove the infected area. This WILL hurt."

Korath attempts to wave for her to go ahead but can't seem to muster the strength to lift his hand as Lilth begins cutting the infected skin with the obsidian blade. He barely moves during the procedure and she finishes quickly, tossing the removed skin bits into the nearby fire. She then begins applying a homemade salve to the wounds, Korath flinching occasionally from the medicine. After she finishes she leaves to get fresh bandages.

Korath: (panting) "Hey Syndicate, looks like we are crossing paths again much sooner than expected, yeah it's obvious I'm it piss pour condition after Armada. Severe concussion, second degree burns crisscross my back, I think I even dislocated my shoulder in that fall. You will probably have the easiest title defense of your career if you can get me to lie still long enough."

Korath begins attempting to pull himself into a sitting position, and through great effort manages to do so without voicing his displeasure too much.

Korath: "Now that my workout for the day is done... Syndicate you have no idea what kind of willpower I possess. Just because I have yet to hold the World title does not mean I do not have what it takes to defend it, nor am I a stranger to working while injured, stop trying to blow yourself up like you are the king of all or you won't be able to fit your swollen head through the door of the arena. While we both would prefer it if I were at a hundred percent, I will still enter the ring as long as I am physically able to stand up and I will do everything in my power to take that title from you. Knowing the man I beat to earn that shot is the referee does make me worry, I know he won't call the match properly but regardless of that, I will still do what it takes to face you."

Lilith returns and looks angry at the fact that Korath is sitting up instead of lying down.

Lilith: "Why are you sitting up? I'm not done with your treatment."

Korath: (with an addled grin on his face) "Never said not to love."

Lilith: "Down. Now."

Korath: "Yes my dear."

He manages to lay back down and as Lilith begins to apply the bandages he speaks again.

Korath: "Syndicate, I will be there on Ravage, I have no desire to not show up, and I will do everything I am capable of to earn that title. Even if it kills me I will do whatever it takes to show our fans that the Nordic Nightmare will not be stopped and that he will eventually be their champion. But for now I must sleep as that is the future and this is the present. If I am to be a challenge for you I must heal...."

His voice trails off as he loses consciousness. Lilith finishes dressing his back and drags several of the furs over the sleeping giant. As she stands to leave she looks to the camera.

Lilith: "Syndicate, my husband becomes a berserker when he is wounded, as was proven in his Armada match. That will, that energy will be what drives him in the ring this week, so do not expect to win with no fight. Good day to ya lad."

*With that she walks off, the image of the healing Korath the last thing the camera sees as it fades to black.

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