The beginning of a beautiful future...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Dec20, 2017 9:46pm America/Phoenix
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The beginning of a beautiful future...
(Mellon is sitting in his Brooklyn brownstone when he hears the word that the WWX universe is getting a treat like no other this weekend. The International Champion will go toe to toe with the World Champion in a huge non-title match. The match may be a preview of things to come in the future. The two men that are taking part in the match are atop the WWX and have proven their worth week in and week out. Now for the first time, two WWX greats will meet face to face and the WWX universe is about to explode. Mellon, reading the card begins to wonder what the reason for the matchup is? The two men have had no previous feud and the two divisions rarely cross. Mellon then sees Syndicate's promo and sees what he is up against. After a disappointing disqualification the week prior, Mellon is primarily focused on his title defense coming up at Holiday Hell. Tom Black escaped barely on Ravage due to a masked man interfering. Something Mellon believes was set up by Black. Mellon sets up a video post for the WWX Universe to address last week, Holiday Hell, and Syndicate.) 

Mellon: Isn't this something else? Tom Black, unable to get the job done himself decided to assign some masked man to save his behind. So he walks away with a cheap victory against me and I guess an added boost of confidence going into Holiday Hell. I hope you learned a valuable lesson that night, Tom. You cannot touch me. When I am in my element you stand no chance. Ravage proved that. That referee had no business pulling that garbage. He had no proof I hit you with that lead pipe. The whole WWX universe saw that but somehow you walk away with the victory. However, that's all good! Your time will come soon enough, I promise. You'll wish you had handled last weekend just a touch differently. 

(Mellon takes a drink of his Gatorade)

Mellon: Now I look at the WWX booking for this weekend on Ravage and I think to myself, are they serious? This is true PPV quality. Mellon vs. Syndicate in a non-title affair? Two incredibly gifted and recognized legends meeting in the squared circle. So, Syndicate, you make a point of killing off legends? That's quite a tall order. The current World Champion and a total of five times holding that very belt. Impressive beyond belief considering the typical garbage that parades itself in this ring. I've watched you from a distance of course. I respect your week to week work and how you maintain yourself on top of the World Title division. I just can't seem to wrap my head around why you think I am going to fall like the previous legends you seem to have put to rest in the past. What do you take me for? Xander Adams?! Come on, Syndy, I'm not a bum. I'm the greatest challenge you've ever had to meet in that squared circle. You know that. I know that. The rest of the WWX universe knows that. 

(Mellon sighs and hangs his head)

Mellon: I can't make any guarantees as to what my plans are after Holiday Hell. Setting my sights on the World Title haven't actually crossed my mind. I must admit though... The thought now seems enticing. I don't know if you've noticed the competition I have in my division but I'm boring myself on a weekly basis. I watch you and your competition and let's face it, that's where I should be. I should be going face to face with you. We should be battling for the title. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards yet. For now, we meet this weekend in what will be my first non-title match since becoming the International Champion. I couldn't imagine a greater foe. Finally someone on my level. Finally, someone who can keep up with me blow for blow. Now isn't this fun? You can talk about being the legend killer all you want but like I said to Tom Black recently... Legends never die. You should know that! Youíre a legend. Youíre still here. Let's give those morons watching on Saturday night, the show they should have been given for Holiday Hell. Let's give them what world class wrestling is supposed to be. Quit the shtick. I don't want to destroy you. I don't want to kill Syndicate. You shouldnít want to kill me off. Youíre too much fun. Iím too much fun. You know what happens if either of us disappears? Boredom. I'm stuck with the Tom Blacks of the world and youíre stuck with the nonsense in the World Title division. Thatís no fun at all. 

(Screen fades to black)

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