The Blade Club invades England

Roleplay Roleplay by EZRA ZION
On Wed, Jun21, 2017 4:21pm America/Phoenix
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The Blade Club invades England

[We fade in on a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England. It is a rare rainy summer night. The light drizzle turns into a heavy downpour. People are scurrying everywhere, trying in vain to stay dry. Some of their faces are shown dripping with shivering droplets of rain and amid the dull chaos stands the Hebrew Hitman, Ezra Zion. Lightly twirling a black and white lettered "Blade Club" umbrella, dressed in an all black suit and blue tie. The expression on his face is stoic, without emotion. Zion slowly raises his white iPhone with the Star/shield of David phone cover to his face and presses the ‘record’ button. The rain cascades on his umbrella in the rain as he turns to show the tour guide boat on the River Thames and our view bounces from side to side as Zion walks up to the Tour guide who greets him with what the man considers to be a joke..]


Tour-Guide: ...and President Trump says climate change doesn't exist.. Pah! Look at this weather, would you? It is raining cats and dogs. Look there goes another litter falling from the sky..

[Ezra Zion simply pays the fare and boards the boat, avoiding any and all conversation.]

Oy Vey.. So many spoiled schmucks today who want to spew their uneducated, irrelevant opinions about things they cannot change or even offer a realistic solution to make things better. Complainers. The world is full of them. Like brainwashed sheep, so many people today are nothing more than parakeets that repeat back what they hear, allowing your corporate mainstream medias rhetoric to tell you what to think, feel, say and behave while you sheeple all become a thoughtless voice of society that are literally becoming lambs led to slaughter. It's sad and pathetic.

[Ezra Zion lowers the umbrella, closing it shut then setting it aside. He raises both arms up and lifts his head to greet the rain with a smile on his lips as he opens his eyes to camera and speaks.]

-E-Z- “Here we are, where Ravage will soon take place. at The O2 arena here in London, I will make my official singles in ring debut against Matt Glazebrook, one half of the illustrious tag team 420. A man and a tag team that has the Club's respect.

[Ezra Zion leans onto the railing of the boat as he enjoys the view of the river Themes.]

This country already knows the horrors of what can happen when people lash out with violence. This world can be an insane, crazy place at times with all types of nut jobs from all corners of the map looking to do the very same the Blade Club will accomplish here in the WWX and that is TAKING OVER.

[ The camera zooms in to Zion’s face for a tight close up shot.]

Soon the world will be watching to see if this sensational and brash new talent could really beat one of the most established fighters in WWX.. I am considered to be the underdog in this match so that means I will have to do all I can to even the odds and make that match one of the most memorable battles of 2017. Just like Blayde Archer had with Rayne, Fill and the Great Khoklov. 

Whether or not I succeed is arguable, but everyone will be watching because the fans know there is a chance that I could take Matt Glazebrook to the limit and win in a five star classic. I can make the future legends of these hallowed halls second guess themselves when they see how masterfully I paint the canvas with my professionalism and expertise. I’m the Hebrew Hitman for good reason and we, the Blade Club WILL dominate this business without anyone’s help or approval. Sure, I have the club, but When it comes to getting in the ring, they won't be needed because I am going to prove the same thing our leader did by beating you all on my own. It's going to be you and me Glazebrook, one-on-one.. mano-e-mano.. yadda, yadda, yadda..”

[Zion's face turns stern and his eyes are buried in an avalanche of scrunched up forehead. His intense gaze cuts deep into the camera lens as he continues. ]

-E-Z- There is a long list of individuals that have made the claim of being the best wrestler in WWX just because a couple of their friends told them that in the gym one day as a rib. The fact of the matter is that I have the skill and the Jewish meatballs to walk into Ravage ready to go all night long. At the end of this match both of us will have lain it all out there for the entire wrestling world to see. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Both of us giving One hundred percent and not a decimal point more because 100 percent is the maximum amount of effort that can possibly be given and this new crazy math will not change that. This is for the whole kit and the caboodle, for all the marbles, we will be swinging for the fences my friend so be ready to become overwhelmed by a bevy of overused sports clichés.

[A young adolescent boy wearing a Fill T-shirt approaches with his sharpie pen wielding father. There seems to be a WWX magazine in his other hand. Ezra Zion groans with disgust, knowing  what to expect next.]

Fan boy's Dad: "Excuse me Mister, can I trouble you for your autograph?"

Fan boy: Pleeeeeease!

[Zion gives a disgruntled sigh.]

Autographs are twenty bucks.

Fan Boy's Dad: What!?

Now it's twenty five.. 

[The father grumbles under his breath as he pulls out his wallet and digs a twenty, then a five. Zion plucks both bills from the mans hands and places it into his front pocket. Ezra grabs the sharpie pen and magazine, scribbling his signature quickly under this months article on the Blade Club then hands both to the boy.] 

You are welcome. Now beat it.

[The father moves his son along, looking back with a disproving glance before walking away. Zion shakes his head and smiles into the camera on his iphone.]

This is the part where I stand up in front of my detractors and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Hebrew Hitman is the real deal.I am not only defending my own honor. I am defending the honor of the Blade Club itself. We are making this company and all divisions within it better by the day. Ravage is going to be a fight for our lives for both of us. It’s been fun exchanging pleasantries but this is where the civil exchange between us ends. Matt, I can beat you without using a weapon and without any help from anyone. I know I can. And I will but it’s always good to make sure you have some insurance. 

[He flips open a butterfly knife and cuts off a loose thread, then quickly flips it shut again.] 

Just in case.. because you never know who might be around trying to ruin our good time to be had. So get ready Matt, smoke your vitamins and say your prayers, brother because the Hebrew Hitman is coming to drop the hammer on you, hard.

[A hand covers the phone and the feed ends as we Fade to black.]

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