The Blade Club

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Mon, May29, 2017 8:55pm America/Phoenix
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The Blade Club

[The scene opens with the sound of a beer can being cracked open. A tallboy to be exact. The foamy top is blown off as the camera pulls back to reveal the big paw that is holding the coldbeverage belonging to none other than Blade Club member Justice Johnston, who immediately throws his head back and downs the frothy brew in a single take.Jumbo lets out a loud, satisfyingbelch as he crushes the can against his foreheadand tosses it over his shoulder as he casually turns his attentiontowards the camera, making the running mouth gesture with his hand before leaning both forearms on the table.]

JUMBO: Blah... Blah.. Blah.

[The juggernaut shakes his head, letting out a loud sigh.]

JUMBO: That's all I hear when listening to these egotistical douchebags carry on and on and ON about their boring self serving selves. (mockingly) Hey everyone look at me talking about how great I am! (scoffing) Half the roster seems to suffer from Diarrhea of the mouth. Talking nothing BUT crap while trying to convince anyone listening how they are the hottest thing since fire was invented. I don't even need to mention names and most of you still know exactlywhich types of peopleI am talkin' 'bout and if ya don't? It is probably you..

[Justice Johnston cracks open another tallboy, taking a quick swig as he leans back intothechair he is seated in.]

JUMBO: Anytimethese delusional moronsopentheir mouths in front of a camera, it's the same damn thang. Five minutes...ten minutes...FIFTEEN minutes...doesn't matter how long theselame ass losers talk, all it comes down to is Blah Blah Blah anweall know it. Management knows it, the (using air quotes) "talent" knows it. Even the fansknow it. Especially the fans.

[He says with a bit of a shrug.]

JUMBO: Now Violence? That'sour territory son. That's whatthe Blade clubdo fer a livin'...That is where we thrive..


[The camera pans to the right where theYiddish phrase came andEzra Zioncomes into view wearing a fancy suit. The Hebrew Hitman takes a sip of white wine from a champagneflute and smiles at the camera that is now focused on him.]

Ezra Zion: Thereis too much talk of boring nonsense with these dreamers.You have a KVETCH, a GONIF a MOMZER a NUDNIKlike Rayne. A BISSEL BUPKES FIRSHTINKINER like Krimson Blaze.Then there is this Giant MESSUGGINA known as Khoklov. The Russian monster that will be tamed and defeated at the hands of our leader, our brother,BLADE..

[The Hebrew Hitman lifts his champagne flute in a toastas the camera swivels over to Blayde Archer, who takes a pull of firewater from a tribal beaded Moccasin fabric print flask, the wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before peering into the camera with a mischievous smirk.]


Giant Khoklov. In six days, you and I will step into that ring and do what we do best. The question is, who does it better? See, I may not be seven foot tall and over five hundred pounds but here's the thing. I do not need to be. Why? Because I have talent, skills and the ability to drop ANYONE within a blink of an eye with the Blade cutter andeveryone, including a Giant, arebasically the same size when laying flat on their back in the middle of the ring. True, you are big, you are bad and you are dangerous. It takes a lot to put you down and you don't stay down long. I won't short change you or your abilities but you know what they say, right? The bigger they are, the HARDER they fall and all it takes is three seconds to walk away with my arm raised as the victor.

[The camera slowly pulls back, bringing all three members of the Blade Club into the picture to reveal a game of poker.]


Take a look around... [ he motions to his surroundings ] This ain't Tanno's Ravageor some D-list event nobody gives adamn about. This is MAYHEM and that is exactly what we bring to the table. Violence Chaos, destruction. That is something we have in common Khoklov, only difference is I have the Blade clubon the warpath with meto watch my backwhile you have some worthless mouthpiecewatching yours. and we will continue to grow until webecome the mostdominant force in WWX history.That issaying a lot considering the long tenured history of amazing talent andfactions that havegraced this organization throughout the years. Week in, and week out.. we will scout out the competitionto see who has what it takes to run with the Blade Club.. and we already have a tag team in mind.

[Blayde Archer plays hiscards, a pair of black aces and two blackeights, also known as a dead man's hand..TheJuggernaut, Justice Johnston and the Hebrew Hitman throw their cards down in disgust as Blade racks in the chips to his side of the table with a satisfying smile.]


Sometimes you have to know when to hold and know when to fold. Just make sure Khoklov, not to overplay your hand.

[Fade to black]

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